I Help women feel Confident,
showing up as the face of their business through personal brand Portraits.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business and you’re ready to take it to the next level.  

I’m here to authentically capture your spirit and show what makes you different. I plan Headshots and Personal Branding Photography strategically to help you get more clients, more opportunities, and to level up your image as you build a business that lights you up!

Girlfriend, you’ve got a brilliant brand and I want to bring it to life.

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“I felt like I was cheating myself and potential clients. Getting lost in the shuffle. The most impactful change was in how I saw myself. I know my abilities and strengths but hadn’t had the right photos to capture it. Now I do. I feel an extra boost of confidence I didn’t know I needed. I’m taken more seriously by others. I have more followers, engagement, and new contacts from celebrities for work. DID NOT see that coming. Do the shoot, it only helps. You’re worth investment.”

Suandria – My Choice My Power Counseling

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“My client load has increased a full 30% since completing the photoshoot with Art of Her! I feel so confident about how my images will continue to be received by my professional community. Because we are conditioned to focus on the ways in which we’re not enough, it can be so difficult to bite the bullet and schedule a photoshoot. That said, I truly believe a photographer as brilliant as Jess can make you shine exactly as you are. Right now. Wherever you are in your evolution. I feel strongly about the power of image to communicate, inspire, and motivate — not just in the case of our potential clients & customers, but also for ourselves.

Sarah Kit Farrell – Mindfulness Based Therapist and Online Coach

Here's how it works:

We Plan

I Dive Deep To Find Out More About Your Business, Goals, And How We Can Breathe life into your personal brand. We Have A Planning Meeting Where I Show You My Vision For What Is Possible For You. From Wardrobe, Location, All The Way Down To Your Fingernails.

We Shoot

I've Got Tricks Up My Sleeve To Make Even The Most Awkward Of Us Look Real, Authentic, And Natural In Photos. I Pose You From Start To Finish In Ways That Will Speak To Your Audience And Give You Content For Months. I Take Full Responsibility For Making You Look Amazing.

We Take Action

After I've Retouched Your Images, We Have A Strategy Meeting And Come Up With An Action Plan To Help You Make The Best Use Of Your Images. My Goal Is To Give You Months Of Powerful Marketing And Show You How To Position Yourself And Your Brand.

What could a session mean for you?

Imagine showing up in ways that make hiring you a no-brainer when people need what you offer? Imagine finally looking natural and real in photos because you’ve got someone to guide you every step of the way. Imagine opening up your own website and feeling giddy because you just look so darn legit. Now Imagine having an entire library of personal brand images to pull from when you’re posting a blog or writing an instagram post.
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