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At Art of Her, I help show what makes you you.

Through personal branding photography that speaks to your expertise and boosts your confidence, we’ll work together to add a layer of magic, personality, and credibility to your business or brand.

You ready? Because, same. Let’s go.

You’ve spent your life building a brand that’s uniquely you, and you deserve to define it with excellence.

Hi, I'm Jess! My job is to help you uncover your own excellence with personal branding photography — And Then Underline It.

I know that taking photos — and building brands and businesses — often goes hand in hand with nervousness or lack of confidence. I want to redefine that standard, and at Art of Her, that’s what we do… together. With my personal branding photography and headshot services, I’ll help you create strategic, beautiful, confidence-boosting images that level up your business and your life. Whether that’s women photography, actor headshots, or something else you have in mind.

(AKA, I’m not going to make you cradle a notebook and a pencil a la JCPenney’s. Promise.)

It’s simple: you have a brilliant brand, and you really freakin’ deserve to bring it to life in a beautiful, confident way. I’m just here to help you do it.

Personal branding photography?
Your secret weapon.

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"Let's Hear it from the clients"

(Sung to the tune of the Footloose song, Obvs.)

“I felt like I was cheating myself and potential clients. Getting lost in the shuffle. The most impactful change was in how I saw myself. I know my abilities and strengths but hadn’t had the right photos to capture it. Now I do. I feel an extra boost of confidence I didn’t know I needed. I’m taken more seriously by others. I have more followers, engagement, and new contacts from celebrities for work. DID NOT see that coming. Do the shoot, it only helps. You’re worth investment.”

Suandria – My Choice My Power Counseling

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“My client load has increased a full 30% since completing the photoshoot with Art of Her! I feel so confident about how my images will continue to be received by my professional community. Because we are conditioned to focus on the ways in which we’re not enough, it can be so difficult to bite the bullet and schedule a photoshoot. That said, I truly believe a photographer as brilliant as Jess can make you shine exactly as you are. Right now. Wherever you are in your evolution. I feel strongly about the power of image to communicate, inspire, and motivate — not just in the case of our potential clients & customers, but also for ourselves.

Sarah Kit Farrell – Mindfulness Based Therapist and Online Coach are the deets:

I get it — personal branding photography *sounds* kind of scary. But, I can promise you (and then some) that it’s not. Not even close!

Instead, I can assure you that our personal branding photography journey will make you feel seen and heard, so that you can get on inspiring people like you deserve to


The cornerstone of an effective personal branding session comes down to strategy, and we’ll dive deep to define your goals and plan a shoot that speaks to them in a unique way. No detail is too small or too big, and we’ll strategize everything from your wardrobe choices to your shoot location.


On your shoot day, we’ll reinvent any ideas you’ve had of photo shoot awkwardness and stiffness, and turn them on their heads. After all, what the heck is building a business and brand about if not FUN? I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve that help even the most shy client unwind, and I’ll pose you in ways that give you content upon content for months and years to come.

Show Off

Once the photos have been taken, it’s time for the real magic… AKA, when you get to make use of all of your incredible images with marketing techniques and real-life positioning that helps you expand and grow your brand. With pictures in hand, you can create MAGIC, my friend.

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Here’s the thing: personal branding photography might just wildly transform your life.​

 And I don’t say that lightly.

When you’ve taken the leap to show up for yourself and your business (by booking a shoot with me, heeeeey!), you’re taking a leap that will give you unparalleled confidence and excitement for what’s ahead. I’m talking beautiful photos, natural lighting that *never* makes you washed out, and marketing advice that helps you take all of those photos and turn them into something transformative, okay? 

I mean… what could be better than that?!

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Are you a fellow photographer? You’ve made it to the right spot.

Supporting, connecting with, and mentoring personal branding photographers is a huge part of my life and business over here at Art of Her, and there are few things I love more than joining forces with creatives to help them build the photography businesses of their dreams. 

That includes you, obvi. From entrepreneur-centered content to educational resources geared specifically towards personal branding photographers, I’m ready to support you every step of the way.

Let’s take this connection to the inbox, yeah?

I send (actually good… not spammy, promise) emails, and I’d love to send ‘em to you, too. Drop your email here, and we can talk about everything from business-building tips to marketing trends, with a niiiice dose of encouragement . 

Plus, I’ve been known to drop some serious value — hellllloooo, freebies — via my emails. Cherry on top.