How to Add Personal Branding Photography to Your Services in 2024

So, I don’t say this lightly when I say that personal branding photography changed my life.

In every way.

And, I also don’t say this lightly when I say that I’ve seen personal branding photography change so many of my students’ lives, too. 

My goal? To make it change as many lives as possible, of course! And, if you ask me, there’s truly no better time to start offering personal branding photography to your services than… right now.

Like, right now, right now. 🥰

Here’s the thing: more than ever, people are seeing the value of investing in personal branding for their own brands and businesses… and they’re seeing how the investment pays itself back tenfold, again and again. In such a digitally focused world, putting your best face forward is essential — and personal branding photography lets you do that!

However, I definitely know how it feels to wonder why you should offer something new if your current offers are already working. I mean, I get it — if you’re already making great money and having fun shooting senior sessions or portraits, why try something new?!

Well, it’s simple: because… why not?!

If you’re ready to jump in and try out the world of personal branding photography for yourself, I’ve got you. 

Why you should add personal branding photography to your services in 2024

Wondering *why* exactly you should add on personal branding to your offerings in 2024? There are so, so many reasons — but here are a few of my favorites:

  • You can be known as an expert in a growing field of photography
  • You can make great connections with fellow entrepreneurs
  • You can add a lucrative new revenue stream to your business
  • You can help to boost the confidence and business of fellow entrepreneurs
  • You can magnetize a steady flow of clients year-round

See, so much of being a photographer means being okay with the ebbs and the flows, right? You’re used to a busy season and a slow season — except for with personal branding photography. People invest in their personal brands year-round, and there’s always, always work to be had for people who are incredible at it. Merge that with being on the front end of a relatively new field, and OOF. Boom.

Just sayin.’ 🤪

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how to add personal branding photography to your services

How to add personal branding to your offer suite

Once you’ve decided to try out this new offering in 2024 (do it! You won’t regret it!), you have to, well, try it out — and it’s not too hard to get started. Promise. The keys? Use your network, share it widely, and separate out your offerings.

Here’s what you need to know:

Leverage your network!: The cool thing about personal branding is that it connects incredibly well with entrepreneurs… and for good reason. What does this mean, you ask? That you can leverage your existing network for clientele! To a certain extent, everyone needs personal branding — from incredible headshots for their company websites all the way to full shoots for new businesses, personal branding photography is one of those things that everyone can really benefit from. By reaching out to fellow entrepreneurs and advertising your services in networking groups, you’ll really be able to start building a strong roster of clientele.

Spread it everywhere: These days, marketing your business has never been easier — or more important — than it is now. So, when you launch a personal branding photography service, market the HECK out of it. From social media platforms to community groups to in-person events, spread the news everywhere. Personal branding photography is a service that a lot of people don’t realize they need until learning about it, so educate them! You’ve got this.

Create an additional site for your personal branding offering: I get asked a lot if specializing in personal branding is necessary — especially at first — and I actually dove deep into this topic in a recent blog post, which you can find here. However, here’s the short of it: when you first start out, you don’t need to drop every other aspect of your business to pursue personal branding. However, creating a separate website for your personal branding services can be a great way to hone in on your offerings, show people clarity, and build a successful framework for your growing clientele.

As you get started as a personal branding photographer, just know that you’re rocking it already — I can tell. If you need any insight or advice into the personal branding world, I’m an open book, and always around to give you details. 

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