How to Attract the Clients & Work of Your Dreams (For Photographers)

When you first started your photography business, you were probably a lot like me — AKA, just so excited and so ready to photograph everyone that you did… no matter who they were! And, if you were a lot like me, you don’t regret a second of it — because each and every one of those clients taught you tons about yourself, about photography, and about clients in general.

However (I bet you know where I’m going with this), if you were a lot like me, you also realized — or are realizing — that you don’t want to photograph just anyone now. You have a way better understanding of what you want to do and who you want to photograph, and you have big goals and dreams for this photography business of yours.

Heck. Yes.

Because, here’s the thing: it’s okay to want to attract certain kinds of clients and a certain kind of business. In fact, it’s how you grow as a photographer, as an entrepreneur, and a business owner.

So, here’s the q… How does your business feel?

I am a huge believer in the whole idea of alignment as a business owner, for about a zillion reasons. First off, I’m absolutely convinced that when you start doing the things that feel right for your heart and your soul — that was me with personal branding photography — everything else really does start to fall into place. Second, I know from firsthand experience that being aligned with what you want and working with the clients you dream of is key to building the kind of business that keeps you genuinely excited.

So, if this has even slightly resonated with you so far, I want you to ask yourself: “do I feel aligned with the work I’m doing and the people I’m working with?” I want you to think about the way you feel when you’re in the process, how you feel before your shoots, and how you feel once they’re done. Are you excited? Is your heart full? Or do you dread the work? Do you feel… off? If you’re more along the lines of the latter, chances are you’re not in alignment with what you want — and that alignment really matters. In fact, that’s key.

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How to attract the clients and work of your dreams

While I love the occasional woo-woo situation, I don’t want to take you there in this blog post — I think there are some really cool things around manifestation and the law of attraction and all of that good stuff, but I want to give you some really tangible tips that you can take into your photography business to — finally — start attracting the clients and the work of your dreams.

First of all, find clarity & get into alignment.

To start attracting the clients and work of your dreams, you have to know what that work is and who those clients are… right?! So, get to work! Start looking at your past work, and figure out what you loved doing versus what you, well… didn’t. And then, turn inwards and trust that gut of yours. What’s it really, really telling you? Is it telling you to try personal branding photography? Is it telling you to start shooting with film? Is it telling you to try out that kinda sketchy area on the outside of town for a shoot? Listen to that — because what that gut of yours is telling you is exactly what will put you into that alignment and make it clear as to what you want to do.

Then, write it alllll down — every single detail. Who exactly are your ideal clients? What are their ages, their jobs, their interests? Where do they live? What style do they love? What personality traits do they have? And once you have that ideal work and those ideal clients on paper, you can start to see what exactly you can offer to reach those clients — whether it’s a more high-ticket experience, a new package, or a pivot.

Make that clarity really obvious.

Once you’ve actually found clarity towards the direction you want to go in your business, make it as obvious as possible by underlining the heck out of it. Update your social media bios, make sure your website reflects it, and start referring to yourself as a photographer who specializes in “insert dream clarity here.”

This can cut way down on inquiries that aren’t in alignment with what you’re wanting to do, and it can also help you drive home your own dreams… and believe them. Imposter syndrome is so real, and sometimes we just have to trick ourselves a little to knock ourselves out of it.

Share your dreams with everyone else.

I’m convinced that people really are good at heart (most of the time), and they almost always want to help — so make sure they know to help! Share your new clarity with everyone from past clients to your social media followers, and really drive home who you’re wanting to photograph and work with. Post pictures from your very favorite shoots, share session openings in alignment with what you want to do next, and make everyone aware of your dreams.

I promise.

Before you go, here’s one more reminder and one more bit of permission: you are more than allowed to try new things and adjust the way you do business. In fact, you should — because you so, so deserve to have the photography business of your dreams. And, you’ve got this.

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1 thought on “How to Attract the Clients & Work of Your Dreams (For Photographers)”

  1. I really love wearing photography, I honestly feel that’s my passion, that’s what brings me joy, excitement, and the feeling of “satisfaction” when I see a bride and groom happy about their wedding photos.
    I’m a struggling photographer trying to get into the market and I do any and all shoots coming my way…. at a price way below what I know I’m worth (saying that humbly)
    I do that to get “my name out there” but I spend hours and hours editing photos to look 100% professional…. and most of the times at a loss!!
    It’s super frustrating, takes away my passion and joy but “it gets my name out there”….
    At a massive loss.
    I don’t know what to do quite frankly.
    I’m frustrated, anxious to say no for a shoot…. and I’m definitely not doing enough of what I love most. Which are weddings.
    What do I do?

    Kind Regards
    Helga Smith

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