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Martha and I immediately hit it off as soon as we met during our planning session.  I am not sure if it is her incredibly personable way of being, or that I felt right at home meeting someone that grew up so close to where I grew up.  Whatever it was, I knew right away that I was going to love working with Martha on her author headshots in my Denver studio.  

Martha is a rare example of a writer that gets her book published by the very first publisher that sees it.  When have you ever heard of that happening?  I will be reading her book as soon as it is released, but I know that with someone like Martha telling the story, it will be a great read.  

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Her book is about the Cherokee Trail of Tears and emigration of the Europeans to America in 1838.  In it she weaves stories of triumph and tragedy.  Her writing style is southern and she brings her characters to life by writing as if the reader is in the room listening to them speak.  She has been compared to southern gothic writers, Flannery O'Connor and Harper Lee.  I will post a link to her book as soon as it is released so that you can all check her out.

On the day of our photoshoot, we went through the beautiful clothing that she brought.  Martha is a laid back country girl from Oklahoma, and she has a great sense of style!  I don't often photograph feet, but you should have seen the boots she brought in with her.  I owned a pair of cowgirl boots as a little girl growing up in Texas, but have never even thought of owning a pair in my adult life.  She made me want cowgirl boots!  Hers were gorgeous!

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Once we started shooting, Martha brought her A game, and we were cranking out amazing shots left and right.  When I brought her photos back into my computer, I honestly had the hardest time narrowing in on the best ones, because I love them all.  She's such a beautiful woman, inside and out and you can see that in all her photos.

Suffice to say that I had a blast working with Martha, and thankfully we are already talking about our next photoshoot.   I love my job and am grateful that it allows me to meet people like Martha.

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