Best Denver Portrait Photographer Award - Denver A-list

Best Denver Portrait Photographer

I am so pleased and humbled to announce that after one year after founding Art of Her we have placed third in the Denver A-list contest for best Denver portrait photographer.  The contest was a competition for the best Denver portrait photographer title.  

This should be an award for all of the wonderful supporters and subjects that I have had the honor of knowing and working with over the past year.  There is no way we could have outranked over a hundred other photographers competing without the forces rallying and backing us up.  This title is huge for us, and we hope that in the coming years that we will continue to earn the respect and love from all of you.

In the process we also received tons of super sweet written reviews and an outpouring of support that we are ridiculously proud to share!

 "Being a professional actress, I have shot with a lot of photographers over the years. Jess is hands down the most wonderful photog I have ever had the pleasure of working with plus I LOVE my photos!" - Lea

best headshot photographer in Denver
best portrait photographer in Denver

 "My husband and I searched far and wide to find the BEST photographer in Denver, as we both have very high standards being part of a large art & fashion photography community - and Jess is the very best photographer we've ever seen to this day! She has an incredible, elegantly artistic eye, and somehow manages to uniquely capture your personality and taste, with a creativity and passion that radiates from her work. You can't go wrong choosing her as your photographer - we will always be thankful we did!!" - Hillary

"When Jess focuses her camera lens she brings a story, a life, a feeling, a hidden enigma, emotions to life. It is empowering, inspirational and thoughtful. Thank you for bringing my passion and my art to life. Love." - Anita

 "Jessica's work from Art of Her Photography captures authentic beauty from a soft perspective. Her photographs are equal parts lovely and striking." - Brooke

"I had such a fun time when she did the shoot of my son. She was patient and kind to him, and caught him at his best moments without forcing them. She also knew how and when to get the best shots for artistic value in the photos. I highly recommend Jess for anyone's photography needs." - Sara

Best senior picture photographer in Denver
best senior portrait photographer in Denver
best senior picture photographer near me

 "Jess is great to work with. She is patient, kind, and fun. We have used her on several occasions and every shoot has been a great memory. Her photography is excellent, as is her personality. We have always been very pleased with her craft. You can't go wrong with Art of Her Photography." - Jason

 "Jess made me feel very comfortable when she photographed me. Her directions were super to follow, and I feel like her photographs brought out the best in me. Even before she edited them, they were brilliant. Love her!" - Neeley

 "Her subtle touch in editing enhances her unique eye through the lens. She's a true talent and the best around!" - Liam

 "Jess is positive and uplifting in her business style. She is quick to respond to requests for information and provides unique solutions to designing a portrait session to cater to individual needs. Her love of photography is evident!" - Danielle

 "I could not have chosen a better photographer for my headshots. They are awesome! You need Jess for your all your photography needs!" - Jan

"Jess is AMAZING! I love the way she captures the personality and unique spirit of each person in her portraits." - Kristin

"We love everything about this photographer! Sweet and caring as well as super talented and creative. Always our first choice!" - Cassie

"Jess's photos are always stunning and she captures every moment perfectly. I wouldn't consider using anyone else." - Kim

"Jess is the most talented photographer we've ever worked with. She has a great vision, is easy to work with, and her photos stand out!" - Eric


Thank you for supporting us and giving us the amazing title of Best Denver Portrait Photographer in 2016!