Denver Lawyer Headshots | MacKenzie

Denver Lawyer Headshots | MacKenzie

When MacKenzie first reached out to me, I heard things from her that most women say:

“I’m uncomfortable in front of the camera.”

“I don’t know what do with my hands when my photo is taken.”

“I know I need to do these, but I’m nervous about it.”

I feel like women have this idea in their head that they don’t deserve to feel beautiful or look pretty when being photographed. Like confidence is only something models should feel in front of the camera. And that’s exactly why I love to photograph women. Not because of the insecurity, but in spite of it.

I love helping a beautiful (gorgeous, really), young woman like MacKenzie finally feel that way. I love to see confidence emerge during our shoot. There is always a moment when I see women are starting to feel comfortable. And I think, “Oh! There you are.”

That moment didn’t take long with MacKenzie. She wanted some graduation portraits done after completing her degree in law. She knew she would need some lawyer headshots for her future career and she came to me because she knew that I worked mostly with women. I couldn’t get over how stunning she looked in every pose. For someone who said they felt uncomfortable, the photos did not show it!

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We had such a great time shooting in the RiNo neighborhood and then heading over to the Millennium Bridge to finish our session.

Thank you, MacKenzie, for reaffirming that this is why I do what I do. Seeing you come alive during your shoot confirms that I am exactly where I need to be.