Denver Portrait Photographer | Jordi in the studio

Denver Portrait Photographer - Jordi in the Studio

I just so happen to be part of a photography group on facebook that has a themed contest every month.  As a Denver portrait photographer, of course I will be turning to portraits for almost every theme. The rules for the contest are pretty open ended and it is judged by someone that has no idea who's picture is who's.  Now if you have ever come over to visit my family, you will know that we are naturally a competitive bunch (understatement).  If you ever want to drive me to do something, twist it into a competition, and I am all over it.  

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This month's theme was lines.  I originally had what I thought was a brilliant idea.  Make a gobo.  Funny word, right?  It's a photography term for a cutaway that you set in front of a light to cast shadows on your subject.  You may be familiar with the type also used at weddings to project an image of the couple's names on the wall during the reception.

Ok, so the whole idea was to cut out tons of skinny lines and set them in front of my strobe to cast lines on my sweet volunteer, Jordi.  I spent the morning weilding my exacto knife and cutting perfect little lines into an old mat board.  So far, so good.  The next step was to create someting to hold it in place in front of my strobe so that the light exploded through my gobo.  I found an Oscar Blues beer box ready to go out to recycling that happened to be the perfect size.

Sadly, when I got to the studio and started doing tests, I found out that my beautiful little snoot and gobo were useless unless they were set literally inches from what I was shooting.  That would have been great if I were photographing a flower, but this shoot was set up for a whole person!  It felt like a failure, but I am choosing to see it as a learning experience that I never would have had without this contest.

Jordi showed up after all of my test shots with a beautiful lined scarf that will certainly be saving me from running around last minute trying to come up with a brand new.  Jordi, thank you.

Jordi models for fun, and has grown such an appreciation for the art that she has started photographing as well.  She is fantastic in front of the camera and wonderful to work with.

Her lovely dreadlocks certainly add something special to the photographs. I probably don't need to point them out, but her big blue eyes are incredible.

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Denver portrait photography of girl with dreadlocks
Denver Portrait Photographer

As a Denver portrait photographer, I am so grateful to get to work with stunning women like Jordi as my job.  Thanks again, Jordi! Check out more of our headshot photography.