Denver Portrait Photography - Alyssa - Studio Photoshoot

Denver Portrait Photography - Alyssa - Studio Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa years ago as she assisted me on a few photoshoots in Denver.  She was working at a law office, but very interested in Denver portrait photography.  We immediately clicked, and had a blast working together.  

Denver headshot photography - In studio
Denver headshot photographer - Spinning dress shot
Denver headshot photographer - personality headshot
Denver portrait photography - Belmar photo Studio
Denver headshots - dramatic lighting
Denver portrait photographer - Belmar photo studio
Denver portrait photographers - Spinning dress shot
Denver portrait photographers - personality portrait

Fast forward several years, I got a call on the phone from Alyssa saying that she really wanted to set up a photoshoot for herself, to celebrate this crazy beautiful time of her life.  She had just spent the last six months travelling in Mexico, and was back finding herself and her environment had changed.

We decided that the studio was the best place to capture her so that we could really focus on who she is and let the background just fade away.  She's one of those very thoughtful people that you can just sit and talk to for hours without realizing so much time has passed.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet back up with Alyssa, learning more about her life and her journey, and creating images to capture the essence of who she is now so that she can look back in the future and remember this stage of her life.

I wish you the best of luck on your future adventures, Alyssa!