Denver Professional Headshots | Angela

Denver Professional Headshots - Angela

This past year, my calendar was full of incredible women and none more amazing than Angela.  This driven self starter exudes warmth and approachability.  She is unbelievably kind and approachable by default which lends itself to her life coaching business.  She reached out to me for professional headshots for her business and website.  I was fortunate enough to meet her husband and snag a shot of the two of them together in the process of capturing her.

Denver professional headshots
Denver professional headshots for a lifecoach
Denver headshots and personal branding photography
Denver headshots in the studio
Angela January lifecoach personal branding photography

We opted for a studio shoot as a backdrop for her jewel toned outfits.  Headshot in the studio have a way of being a bit more ambiguous than an on location photoshoot.  We also did part of the photoshoot at the Belmar Park in Lakewood.  

family photography and couples photography in Denver and Lakewood Colorado

A little bit about Angela’s work

Angela’s amazing lifecoaching business focuses on creating a space for clients to step away from the discomfort of challenging transitions (ie. job loss, divorce, diagnosis of chronic illness, loss of a loved one, or difficult relationship issues) and into a time of self care and self compassion that will allow them to honor and love themselves more and to find clarity around what they really want in life. You can find out more about Angela here.


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