Denver Senior Pictures - Jordan in RINO and Red Rocks

Denver Senior Pictures - Jordan in RINO and at Red Rocks

I recently had a discussion with a highschool senior's grandmother who said that nowadays it is so much easier for people to find the right photographer for themselves.  When she had her senior pictures taken, she had one choice, and it was a shot in a studio.  Now it is so much easier to match your personal style up with the right photographer.  It's so true!  You can find someone you love just by perusing instagram.  

Jordan's mother found me while looking for something different. We sat down to talk about Jordan's style and realized that we couldn't capture who she was with one location. We decided on RINO and one of her all-time favorite places, Red Rocks.  

Red Rocks was especially important to Jordan because she has grown up going to shows there. She looks so at home in all the images. 

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Jordan's entire family was so amazing to work with, and she was so easy to pose and direct.  I think it definitely help when someone feels like they are in their element. Thank you, Jordan!

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