Denver Senior pictures | Reagen | Mount Falcon

Denver Senior pictures | Reagen | Mount Falcon

This was such a unique photoshoot. I am not sure that I will ever have another photoshoot scheduled under quite the same lighting conditions ever again. I am sure you all remember when the smokey wildfires from the west were sweeping haze over the sun in Colorado? Well, the first part of this photoshoot was shot during one of the haziest of those days. It was so bizarre. You could look right up at the sun, and it was a little red dot covered by smoke. The lighting that it cast was very pink, and very fun to photograph in.

We did end up scheduling a second date to come back to the mountains. We wanted to capture some of the more epic views that Mount Falcon has to offer without the haze. Reagen, a talented and fearless dancer, brought the magic with her second day dress. It complimented the scenery so well, and reminded me of more painterly imagery.

I am so excited to show you all these images! Can you tell in these color corrected images that the overcast sky was casting was pink instead of blue?

Denver senior pictures
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