Modeling Portfolio Building Session - Hannah

Modeling Portfolio Building Session - Hannah

Hannah’s mom called me excited to find a photographer who specialized in photographing females, as well as modeling portfolios. We were a perfect match! Her daughter was traveling to the New York City and needed to amp up her portfolio ASAP. She was traveling to meet Muse Models. I was so thrilled to work with a young girl from Colorado Springs and help her on her way to becoming NYC’s next model. Throughout the photo session in our studio and Millennium Bridge, Hannah showed she had what it took to blow any modeling agency out of the water. 

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For their portfolio building session, Hannah and her mom requested clean, editorial looks with just a handful of photographs outside. Using studio lights, natural light, and several simple backdrops, I gave Hannah a wide variety of images that showed off her posing techniques and features. When photographing for a portfolio, It’s best to keep lighting simple yet impactful. From the soft natural window light, unique to our studio’s 60 ft. of floor to ceiling windows, to strong rembrandt lighting using just one light, we achieved a wide variety during our hour shoot in the studio. 

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While we spent most of the day in our heated studio, Hannah was a champ braving colder temperatures outside. At the top of Millennium Bridge in Downtown Denver, Hannah wore a beautiful dress with a stylish leather jacket. By taking on and off her jacket, we were able to get more than one look per outfit. Bringing multiple pieces to mix and match is a must for any modeling portfolio session. 

Working with top models in Denver, New York, and LA, and using my 10 years of experience, I am able to share and coach novice and professional models alike. This was especially helpful for Hannah, only 15, and just entering this brave new world of NY modeling. While explaining the impact of subtle movements and gestures, Hannah showed me what a pro she was. She left with a wide range of images to use for her portfolio. 

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