Personal Branding Photography | Lifecoach | Emily

Personal Branding Photography | Life Coach | Emily

Emily reached out to me at the end of summer wanting to revamp the personal branding photography for her website.  Emily is a life coach that works with an incredible list of brilliant female entrepreneurs in many areas of their lives.  She works with them around their business, self value, and all the way down to their relationships.  We were a great fit, and had a lot of fun with this photoshoot.

At the time of this photoshoot, my studio was just a couple of blocks down the road from Emily.  We broke the images down into the pages of her website and discussed what she wanted to communicate to her audience.  Fortunately, Emily is very in tune with what she is doing, and what she wants to communicate, so this came easily to her.

We ended up moving the photoshoot to Emily's home.  She had a beautiful space that looks over an infinity pool that looks over Denver.  We had so much fun working together, and enjoyed some genuine laughter as we captured her imagery.  

These are the images that Emily chose to update her website with before our next photoshoot:

personal branding photography in Denver
Personal branding photographer in Denver
personal branding Denver Photographer
lifestyle personal branding photography Denver
couples female entrepreneur personal branding Denver

Emily asked to include her husband into her images as he is an integral part of her business.  They have been together for years and years and are a testament to a healthy work life balance and relationship.

Emily mentioned that she would love to host an event at my studio in the near future for female entrepreneurs.  Show of hands, who would love to come to an event to learn from the best on mastering your inner game and thriving?  You may check her website out here: Emily Summersett