Professional Headshots Denver | Kate | RINO

Professional Headshots Denver | Kate | RINO

This color loving lady found me through one of her colleagues that I photographed earlier this year. Kate's style was pretty eclectic, natural and authentic. She gravitated towards the bright colors, and still wanted professional headshots that looked crisp without being stuffy. We decided that the colorful backgrounds in RINO would compliment her style. We stayed away from the more graffiti heavy walls and stuck to colorful murals instead.

This was actually one of the last photoshoots that I did in RINO before the alleys were white washed to get ready for Crush. Crush is a street art festival that curates the wall art in the area. I haven't been back since, but cannot wait to see what the new artwork looks like.

Kate is extremely photogenic and made capturing her professional headshots a cinch. I love the way the colors turned out and complimented her style.

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