Senior Picture Photographer | Haleigh | Grandview High School

Senior Picture Photographer | Haleigh | Grandview High School

This was one of my favorite photoshoots from this entire year!  Haleigh from Grandview High School and her mother were the absolute best people to work with, and we had a blast planning this photoshoot and on location at the gorgeous Paint Mines for her senior pictures.

Haleigh was comfortable without shoes and a beautiful Free people dress for the first look.  We kept walking around and falling in love with every nook and cranny in this place. Every corner we turned seemed to be even prettier than the last.  We even had the perfect weather for this photoshoot. I know people are often afraid of overcast or moody skies, but they can look striking in photos, and you don't have to worry about shadows because the clouds turn into a giant diffuser for the sun.  It did rain a little, but it paid off when we retreated to an overhang that ended up being very photogenic.

I have to give a major shout out to Haleigh's mother who was an amazing help during this photoshoot.  She wins super mom award and needs credit for making these senior pictures so beautiful. Thank you!

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