Team Headshots for Vantage Evaluation

Team Headshots for Vantage Evaluation

When you hear the word “evaluation,” it probably doesn’t bring to mind a fun, playful experience. But if you had met the women from Vantage Evaluation, that’s exactly what you would have thought.

These gals make data and numbers and analytics seem easy, light, and even fun. They are so passionate about what they do: evaluating and improving the quality of their clients’ work. They think that stronger organizations with strengthen the overall community and I couldn’t agree more.

Team Group headshots in Denver
Fun corporate headshots
Headshots for a corporate team

After reading through their site and their mission statement, I knew we would want to create some bold, fun photographs. I wanted these headshots to reflect the passion they bring to their job and clients every day. This blue wall and their bright colors were absolutely perfect for what we needed to convey. I also loved that the city backdrop reinforced their focus on building a stronger city and their love for Colorado!

If you want an evaluation in Denver, these are your girls!