Best Camera Bags for Women (2024)

A Woman’s guide to the Best Camera bags for women (2024)

This is a post I have been dying to create for years. There is a lot of information out there written by men on the best camera bags for women, and I wanted to create a resource written by a woman that knows how these camera bags really work.

Fortunately, I’ve been in the field shooting in many different genres for the past 20 years (I started young). I’ve had great camera bags and I’ve had some bad ones.  

I may have gone a little overboard in my search for the perfect camera bags for women, but now I get to share that information with my fellow ladies!

The best camera bags for women (a photographer's guide) for women's camera bag guidance

Photography has been my way of life forever and having great stylish camera bags designed for ease of use is so incredibly important when you want to look like a pro, and be able to get the shot without having to shuffle around to grab your camera gear.

I’ve chosen the following camera bags for women based on ease of use, functionality and style. My aim is to show you a range of styles so that you can find what you need no matter the genre you’re shooting in or what stage of life you’re in (hello moms!).

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How to choose the Best Camera Bags for Women?

Before I list my favorite women’s camera bags, I want you to know some of the criteria I use for finding great bags.

First, the most important feature must always be functionality. There is not point in having gorgeous camera bags if it doesn’t properly protect your gear from theft, damage, and scratches. In addition to that the bag needs to be easily accessible when you’re at a session or you’re going to end up with some awkward stalls while you wrangle your lenses out.

Some of the bags that didn’t make this list were cumbersome or simply not functional for a professional or hobbyist. They may look great in pictures, but I want to only carry bags that will help me do my job. Ease of use is so important to me. If I have to struggle to get my gear or worry about something falling out, that bag is done.

Next, they have to look good. As a professional, I want my camera bags to do a little extra work by helping me to look good. We work in the field of aesthetics and having professional clothing and gear simply builds trust with our clients. In addition to that, it also feels good to have beautiful camera bags when you go out shooting. With all the options out there these days, why not!

Some of the best camera bags for women are…ss

1. Top Choice:
The MaliaeBag Camera Bag Purse for Women

The best camera bag of all – TheMaliaebag Mirrorless DSLR Camera Bag Purse for Women

To save you some time, I’m listing out one of my favorite camera bags for women first. This is the one I use the most. It checks all the boxes needed for a stylish camera bag. It’s the perfect blend of fashion and function and is always my go-to. It’s also the most affordable one on this entire list.

Why this camera bag is at the top of my list

This sweet little gem has it all.  It’s made from a buttery soft leather with padded dividers to keep your camera safe. It fits DSLR cameras or mirrorless, and it’s so easy to get in and out of quickly during shoots. It’s the perfect blend of professional, functional and beautiful details that are so necessary to make it to the top of the list. You could even call it a camera purse.

This is one of my favorite bags.  I’ve taken it abroad and it has proven time and time again to be a gorgeous bag that has all the elements you need as a photographer.

You’ve got all the space you need for lenses and a camera body as well as little pockets for your accessories, keys and phone.

Their inserts are removable so you can still use these camera bags as your purse if you want to.

I did exactly that while travelling in Italy.  On shoot days, I added the insert, and when going out at night, I just left the camera gear and opted for a normal purse.  It was perfect as a travel option.

This is that bag! My ride or die sidekick...[More]

2. Christie Noir

Ok, so if you want a powerhouse of a camera bags that also makes you look amazing, this is it!

The space for a taller lens and a camera, the dividers, the style (that is lacking in most camera bags), the ability to be a shoulder bag and a backpack too.

It also has a zipper top, which to me is, one of the most important details when I’m traveling.  I need to know I’m not just going to have expensive gear falling out or getting hijacked when I’m not paying attention.

These are the camera bags for women that I wish more companies would create.  Thankfully Gatta is ON IT..[More]

3. Jackie Noir

If your looking for more of a hardcase shell for your camera bags, that in no way looks or feels like a hard case shell, this one is great.

It has the structure and space for a camera body and two lenses.

The one thing I didn’t like about this one was that occasionally the size felt a bit obtrusive, but that may not bother you when the perk is that nothing will be hitting your gear....[More]

4. The Dakota Backpack

This adorable little backpack was gifted to me by my husband for mother’s day, and it really is perfect for life as a photographer and a mom. I have been able to carry my camera, lenses, and accessories as well as diapers and snacks.  

The ability to switch this little gem to either crossbody or backpack is so valuable, both on location for a shoot when you need both hands, or lugging around a baby.

Their’s also the added benefit that it’s flippin cute, and no one would guess it’s my camera bag with little optional slots to add my gear.  [More]

5. Meliae chic camera bag

It’s hard to find a purse at this price point for the quality, but even harder to find one that doubles as low-key stylish camera bags for women.

It’s small enough to throw over your shoulder or use the longer strap as a cross body. There are resizable inserts so that you can pack your camera gear as long as you’re packing a bit lighter.  Hey, I’m all for that!

This purse really doesn’t look like a camera bag, it’s more of a stylish camera purse. [More]

6. Catania Tan Camera Bag

You may not be able to find other camera bags out there with so much style and personality as a bag from Epiphanie.  I am obsessed with these camera bags.

They are designed to be easy to use and useful while you shoot, but they also make you look professional with a personality at the same time… [More]

7. The Gatta Organizer

If you’ve been photographing for any amount of time, you know that camera gear and the photography profession comes with a lot of cords. Fortunately, there is a chic solution out there, and once you get it, you’ll be shocked that you ever did anything else.

These little organizers are able to hold all of my charger cords, my camera charger, a harddrive and my graphic tablet and pen. No more purse or bag full of cords, because it’s all been beautifully organized in advance. [More]

8. The Utility Camera Bag for Women

For my boss photographers out there, that need a much more comprehensive camera bag, it truly doesn’t get better than this.

I actually invested in some really incredible utility airport approved (pack all the stuff) camera bags, and they were NOT designed for women.

Quite honestly, many of the photography sites and blogs only show pictures with men using their camera bags, and they really are catered towards males with the sizing and the weight.

I know we are all shaped differently, but as a 5’9″ woman that’s ranged anywhere from 120-160lbs (due to pregnancy), I feel like I should be able to comfortably carry even the bags catered towards men.  Not so.

That was however, until I found the Think Tank, Airport Commuter bag.  This bag is everything. EVERYTHING. I do not go on a photography trip without it.

I will often pack this sucker up, and use one of my other bags as a day pack, but this commuter bag allows me to bring all the gear and keep it safe.

It’s small enough that even though it gets heavier fully packed, it’s not too much.  That and it actually feels comfortable for my frame to wear. 

I highly recommend checking this one out if you dont have a camera bag, or you’re planning to travel with all the things.  This was also the bag that I packed for weddings, and just had a ton of backup gear (and snacks) packed away…[More]

9. Peak Design's stylish camera bag

If you’re wanting one of the best camera bags for women, then I would say that it needs to be both a stylish camera bag and a functional camera bag. This bag is the best of both worlds. This isn’t necessarily a camera bag designed for women, but it still works wonderfully for women.

It’s the Peak Design Everyday Totepack.

The Peak Design Everyday Totepack is a camera bag that has a ton of room and storage options. It has a laptop compartment and fits your dslr camera gear.

It is really one of the best camera bag options out there. 

This is a bag that feels professional, serious, and is still very stylish and offers great utility options.

It’s designed to work as an everyday carry backpack or totepack as well as a camera backpack and totepack.  [More]

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