Sotheby’s realtor headshots | Porsha

Porsha is amazing! She came into the studio for our first meeting fully prepared. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, the colors she wanted to wear, and the location for her photoshoot. She has done a great deal of research on personal branding photography and what it means for your brand. 

Beautiful Senior Pictures | Kaylee

I absolutely hate suprises when they are happening to me. My husband is the sweetest guy, and he’s always trying to surprise me, but it drives me crazy. I’m a natural born planner and he shakes me out of my element.

RINO pictures | Hailey

Hailey wanted something different, and colorful for her Denver senior pictures. If you have driven through RINO you know how colorful and different those graffiti walls and murals can be. Everywhere you look is covered with bright splashes and beautiful artwork.

Denver Senior Portraits | Downtown | Alexis

Alexis is an amazing person that I came to adore very quickly when she reached out to me for an internship last year. I had an intern at the time, but truly enjoyed getting a small glimpse of this awesome person all the same.

heritage lakewood belmar park Senior pictures | Luisa

Luisa and I met through her mother and my husband before she was searching for Denver senior portraits. The two of them work together at my husband’s non-profit called Re:Vision, so we were bound to meet. We wanted to shoot somewhere in the neighborhood and chose Belmar Park in Lakewood

Sotheby’s Denver Real Estate | Jess and Jayd

Being a redhead, I have a bit of a soft spot for the fellow gingers that I meet in life. Getting to photograph one redhead is amazing, but having two redheads choosing us for their Denver headshots is an opportunity we relish! 

Headshots Denver | Lifecoach | Jill

Jill is a lifecoach and wanted personal branding headshots to add to her business card, marketing materials and website. We sat down, discussed her brand and what she wanted to communicate through her imagery. I was stuck by how easy it was to have a conversation with Jill.

Best Photographer in Denver Award – Denver A-list

I am so pleased and humbled to announce that after one year after founding Art of Her we have placed third in the Denver A-list contest for best Denver portrait photographer.  The contest was a competition for the best Denver portrait photographer title.  

Coach Personal Branding Photography | Emily

Emily reached out to me at the end of summer wanting to revamp the personal branding photography for her website.  Emily is a life coach that works with an incredible list of brilliant female entrepreneurs in many areas of their lives.  

Denver Senior Portrait Photographer | Taryn

As a Denver senior portrait photographer I am constantly on the prowl for new locations to match up with my senior clients.  This particular location has a very special place in my heart.  I have driven passed it and often use it as a great place to stretch while driving to Salida or the Dunes.