Denver Actor Headshots – Sarah

Sarah and I clicked right away.  As a creative passionate about women, she loved the message on my website and wanted to find out about getting actor headshots done.

Senior Portait Photography | Denver | Mariah

My sweet little niece, Mariah came to visit me in Denver this week for her first solo trip ever.  I cannot express how wonderful it is to be able to combine my two loves, family and photography.

Senior Pictures | FAQ

We have a guide for those frequently asked questions.  This is a long, end all be all list for our clients.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to add them in the comments.

Author Headshots | Denver Studio | Martha Jordan

Martha and I immediately hit it off as soon as we met during our planning session.  I am not sure if it is her incredibly personable way of being, or that I felt right at home meeting someone that grew up so close to where I grew up.

Denver Portrait | Jordi in the studio

I just so happen to be part of a photography group on facebook that has a themed contest every month.  As a Denver portrait photographer, of course I will be turning to portraits for almost every theme. The rules for the contest are pretty open ended

Denver Realtor Headshots | Tamara

Tamara also brought in a lovely black a line dress that upped the anti a bit.  This one worked to show her sleek style, but still kept the professional theme we were going for. 

Real Estate Agent Headshots | Karen

Karen has lived in Denver forever, and had a job as a social worker for Denver Public School for years.  She has recently decided to pursue her dreams and become a realtor.  She has gone all in and one of the first steps in her journey is to get her updated real estate agent headshots.

Denver Author Headshots | Ivy

Ivy is a world traveller, a full-time ghostwriter and former journalist. She currently ghostwrites non-fiction books for American CEOs. She is published in several newspapers, magazines, and literary journals including Success, Entrepreneur, the Boston Globe, Litro, Syndic,

Denver Portrait studio – Emily’s Studio Headshots

Now that I have my own photo studio in Denver, I am getting to play around with my studio lights again.  Emily of Wilhelmina Denver was so wonderful to come in to let me play around with the lighting for some headshots.  As a Denver portrait photographer

The Denver Public Library photos

As a Denver portrait photographer, I get access to behind the scenes for many businesses, and I get to connect with people that I never would have met otherwise.  I count myself lucky to able to work with the Denver Public Library