How to educate your clients (& why you should)

So, I have a pretty important question for you today, and here it is:

Do you see yourself as a guide and an expert in your field?

Hopefully, you answered that with a resounding “heck, yes” — because you deserve that so much. As a photographer, you have this really unique responsibility to tell stories AND to reframe everything from their feelings around getting their photos taken to the things they can do with the stories you help them tell.

It’s the best.

And, a big part of that guidance and expertise you’re looking to encompass includes the need to educate your clients. Your clients trust you enough to work with you, and that means, in itself, that they’re willing to learn from you! All you need to do is to unlock the best ways to do it. You in?

Wait… educate clients? Explain, plz.

Okay, so if you read the term “educate clients” and raised your eyebrows a little, no worries. Educating your clients really sounds more serious than it really is — and you don’t need to be a teacher or a preacher when it comes to the people that are paying you for a service. However, you CAN educate your clients on things that will genuinely benefit and understand their experiences, you CAN share helpful content and information with them that will elevate their lives, and you CAN teach them in valuable ways that aren’t going to make you (or them) feel weird. Plus, making your clients feel like they’ve learned something from you is a really excellent way to communicate your own value, which is priceless in itself.

My go-to methods for client education

When you’re running a personal branding photography business or a family photography business or something totally different, there are a couple of methods I think work really well for client education. Whether it’s creating really excellent and consistent content or it’s starting a value-packed email list, these are some of my go-to methods over here at Art of Her.

  • Content, content, content!: I could scream from the rooftops about the importance of a content strategy for client education (and, really, for so much more). Whether you are writing blogs or recording YouTube videos or sharing Reels on Instagram, it doesn’t matter. Just share content that’s truly educational and helpful to each and every one of your clients. Need some inspiration? Here are a few content ideas for client education as a photographer:
    • A blog post sharing more about your editing and print sales process (especially when it drives home why you deliver images and edit them the way you do)
    • An Instagram Reel that shares your favorite, go-to outfits for clients to wear (and feel comfortable in) on their shoots
    • A social media carousel that breaks down the before, during, and after phases of a shoot
    • A YouTube video that motivates and excites your clients about their upcoming sessions with you
  • Client welcome packets & guides: The most important step behind client education all comes down to setting expectations and giving your clients *tons* of information, which is where a really excellent client welcome packet comes into play. Take the time to create a welcome guide for your clients that explains everything they need to know and to expect at their shoot. You’ll also want to include in-depth explanations of why you do things the way you do, of when (and how) they can expect their photos, and of any other FAQs that your clients typically have. (Want a checklist that breaks down everything your welcome packet needs? Snag mine here.)
  • Build out value-packed email sequences: If you don’t have a next-level welcome sequence (and a nurture sequence) for your clients, why the heck not? Email inboxes are such a great place to build — and maintain — client relationships, and they offer a more intimate place to connect with people. Create a welcome sequence that drips helpful tips and information into their inboxes, and follow it up with a nurture sequence that continually keeps you top of mind, even at the end of a shoot.

Now, here’s a quick reminder that I want to leave you with: your clients chose to work with you because you are nexxxxxt-level good at what you do. You inspired them to choose you (out of every other photographer out there), and it’s imperative that you trust and believe in yourself enough to educate and share valuable content with them. Your audience believes in you, so believe in yourself. I promise, it really does make all of the difference.

If you’re ready to start diving deep into personal branding photography — with ALL of my tips to lead you along the way — I have the perfect option for you  – Sign up for  The 5 Keys to a Thriving Personal Branding Photography Business, my free workshop, and let’s make some moves together.

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