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If you’re entering into the very exciting stages of creating your online dating profile than you may have come to the realization that you also need to find an online dating photographer that can help you to capture really great images.

Finding the right dating photographer for your online dating profile can feel a little intimidating. This is the first step towards the rest of your life, and working with the right photographer can make a huge difference. This guide will help you understand what steps you can take to ensure that you’re getting images that will help you.

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The world is changing and many people are done leaving their chances of randomly running into their soulmate behind and opting to use online dating apps that help them find the right person instead. But because finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is monumentally important, it’s important to also make sure that you’re making the right first impression.

Nothing can determine that you’re making the right first impression quite like having a handful of incredible images that show who you are and show what you really look like in the best light.

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So how do you make that incredible first impression and set yourself up to attract the people that you really want to meet. It’s simpler than you might think. You can save yourself a lot of time, but learning to really embrace who you are. When you allow yourself to use an updated image online instead of your best shot from 10 years ago, then you won’t waste your time with people that aren’t the right fit.

Now I’m not saying to show up in a baggy shirt and yoga pants if that’s how you often spend your days (thank you COVID), but don’t waste your time trying to be something you’re not in your images.

My recommendation as you’re creating your online dating photos is to think about what you’d like to project. What parts of yourself do you love that you want others to see? If you want to show that you’re a very positive person in your online dating profile, than you should make sure to smile in all of your photos.

As you’re creating your online dating profile, it can be helpful to embrace both candid images and more of the headshot and posed style of photography. What we want to do is make sure that you look like yourself, and that you feel authentic in your images. That way you’ll feel more confident using your online dating photos.

Look for an online dating photographer in your area that have images in their portfolio that seem to capture and show personality in their images. You don’t want to work with online dating photographers that aren’t able to set their clients at ease.

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    Outfits for your dating profile photoshoot

    Choosing what to wear in your dating profile photo is almost as important as who you choose to work with. This is a very quick way to communicate who you are and what you’re like without having to say a word. As you’re planning for your dating profile photography session, it makes sense to put a little thought into what you’ll wear in your images.

    Aim for a range of looks

    As you’re choosing outfits for your dating profile photos, it can be a good idea to aim for a range of looks. Aim to bring several outfits that capture who you are. So if you’re really into working out and yoga, think about including an outfit to show this aspect of yourself and then bring something more dressed up.

    If you’re the type that likes to really dress up, consider bringing something really dressed up, but also bringing something a little more casual. This shows that you are multifaceted, and it allows you to put more of who you are up.

    Contrary to what some people may believe, we are not trying to attract everyone. We are trying to attract the right people with your images, so the more you show of who you are the more you will repel the wrong people, and attract the right people. So consider bringing a range of outfits first.

    Choosing your colors

    Next, let’s talk about colors. No one knows the colors that look best on you quite like you do. I would aim to wear colors that compliment your unique skin tones. There have been studies out there saying that the color red in dating profile photos resulted in more contacts, but if you have the color red, skip it.

    Many people love to wear black in their photos, which can be great! But here’s the deal. If you are planning to wear multiple outfits for your session, make sure you’re only bringing one outfit in black. Black looks like black in every photo no matter what the style is and it really is a wasted opportunity to show another side of who you are with another look.

    Hair and Makeup

    This is another detail that can trip people up. You’re getting a photoshoot done, so shouldn’t you get your hair and makeup done by a professional. The answer is maybe. It completely depends on who you are and how you normally like to present yourself.

    If you never wear makeup, please don’t feel like you need to go get your makeup done for a photoshoot. If you have curly hair and wear glasses, it would be against your best interest to get a blow out and take your glasses off. For one, it will make you look different.

    When you meet with someone in real life, they may feel like you havent been completely real with them. BUT it will also make you feel less authentic as you’re posting and meeting people online.

    If you’re nervous about your weight or your age, and how that will appear in photos, my advice to you is not to try to change yourself, but try to find a photographer that has people in their portfolio that look like you.

    If your photographer is able to light and pose people that look like you in a flattering way, they will likely be able to do the same for you. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and authentic in your images, and that will never happen unless you’re embracing who you are for your dating photo.

    How to wear your hair

    Here are two really quick tips that may save you in the end. The first is to wear your hair down in your photos. The truth is that photos only capture you from the front, and when you wear your hair up and in the back, you are losing the ponytail in the images. What may look incredible in person gets lost in your images. So play around with wearing styles that are down and show the length and style of your hair.

    Dealing with Flyaways

    The next tip is for people that have lots of flyaways like me. One of the best things you can do is to use a clear eyebrow gel, that you can find for cheap on Amazon, and run it lightly over the top of your flyaways before your photoshoot. This small action pushes all of the flyaways down without weighing down your hair. Ta da! No more flyaways.

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    Where should you take your dating photos?

    There’s really no restrictions when it comes to taking your profile photos, but remember that all of the little details in your photoshoot will add up, so at least take your setting into consideration. If you love being outdoors and going on hikes, you should consider doing something in nature. If you have a beautiful home, there’s no better place to show who you are.

    The number one detail that I want you to take into consideration as you are planning your dating photo with your photographer is to think about the lighting. your dating profile photographer will be a huge help with this because photographers tend to see everything based on the lighting. Lighting is what will take your images from looking like an average selfie, to something polished and professional.

    Getting your photos done in the right lighting is what will make you look ten years younger and hide any under eye bags. So make sure that you’re asking your photographer about the lighting.

    When in doubt, or if you are choosing to do these on your own. Look for locations that have big windows with natural lighting, or have your pictures taken during what photographers call “golden hour” it’s the most flattering lighting that you can find outside an hour before the sun sets.

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    Capturing your personality in your dating profile

    Capturing your personality is what we all want! One of the best ways to do this is to work with a dating profile photographer that makes you feel comfortable on camera. We all feel awkward with a camera pointing in our face, but the right dating profile photographers can help to set you at ease and give you tips that will make you look natural, even if you don’t feel it.

    So as you’re finding your perfect dating photographer, make sure that you feel a connection. That connection can go a long way!

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