Denver Modeling Photoshoot | Mia

Denver Modeling Photoshoot with Mia

We are hitting our senior picture season and during that time I very rarely get a break to do my personal photoshoots.  Thankfully, with a great deal of organizing from Caroline, we put this photoshoot together just for fun before all the craziness of senior portraits hits.

We started the photoshoot at the studio with hair and makeup by the amazingly talented Ashley and Caroline.  Here’s a little behind the scenes action from my lighting tests.  These ladies were amazing to work with and their talent definitely shows in the images.  You will be seeing more of them on my blog soon with tutorials for the season!

Ok, so here is where Caroline busted out a needle and thread and very quickly changed Mia’s hair during the photoshoot.  I may be behind, but I had never even heard of threading hair before.  I was surprised at how gorgeous it looked, and how quickly she was able to do it.

Our gorgeous model, Mia was an absolute rockstar in front of the camera.   She has a background in dance and it shows up in the way she moves with awareness of her body. We truly all worked together so well, and this shoot was nothing but fun for me.  I truly look forward to working with all three of these women again in the near future.  If you are looking for hair and makeup, or just want to follow along with really talented bosses,.

8 thoughts on “Denver Modeling Photoshoot | Mia”

  1. I love working with dancers! They have such beautiful awareness. What a gorgeous shoot and models – collaboration at it’s best!

  2. This shoot is gorgeous! Mia’s hair and makeup is stunning, and her dance background comes across with how gracefully she positioned her body. Love the variety of looks and poses!

  3. This shoot is amazing! Your model was great at posing and you captured her personality really well. You’re right her dancing background shows and was a great asset to this shoot! Great job overall and congratulations to the entire team!

  4. Those twirling photos are my favorite! This is just a gorgeous collection. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

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