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Hi! I'm Jess

A personal branding photographer that loves to help women overcome insecurities based on self image, and build self confidence.  I help women to see themselves as beautiful, to love themselves as they are, to wow people with their first impressions through pictures, and to create meaningful images that ultimately help women succeed in the work that lights them up!

I’m also a redheaded lefty, a Texas native, gardener, ferment experimenter, bookwork, avid researcher, and an audacious entrepreneur that works really hard to run a successful business, and still be a phenomenal wife and mama to my two favorite humans.

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I'm a photographer in love with photographing women.

I discovered my passion when photographing my younger sister in high-school and quickly started taking senior pictures of all my closest girlfriends.  What started off as a creative passion turned into a career that I spend every day feeling grateful for.

 As a portrait photographer, I’ve spent the last 17 years helping women build their self-confidence and appreciate their unique personalities and looks.  I know how to take beautiful photographs of women, and want every woman to have the opportunity to see how beautiful she really is.

The best headshot photographers are the ones that focus on taking portraits that make your personality show.

I Create Portraits, Personal Branding Photography And Headshots For Businesses.

I also offer my signature retouching and a big dose of confidence and coaching with every session! I’ve also created personal branding guides to help my clients use their images as a marketing tool.

As a personal branding photographer I  hope every woman who crosses my path discovers, and learns to covet, their inner and outer beauty through my artwork.  Chat with me today to learn more about Art of Her!

Personal branding photography

Lifestyle images to help propel your business and get you in front of your audience.

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Headshots can instantly elevate your look online and on your social profiles. Check out the portfolio.


”Jess is literally the best photographer I have ever seen or worked with. I’ve always followed her editorial and portrait work and am a huge fan! Every photo that she takes is absolutely breathtaking! Her ability to find a compelling artistic vision in any set of surroundings, her attention to detail, and her editing capabilities are so insanely impressive. I find myself often trying to think of new reasons to hire her!”  – Brittany C

Diana H

"Jess is a gifted photographer but what makes her excellent is her passion to make beautiful works of art, you being her subject matter You won't go wrong when choosing her as your photographer. She's by far the best of Denver. ”

Neeley O

"Jess made me feel very comfortable when she photographed me. Her directions were super easy to follow and I feel like her photographs brought out the best in me. They were brilliant. Love her!”

Loan H

After the photoshoot, I felt accomplished, that I DID IT! Something I've always wanted to do and knew that it would help my business but just kept putting it on the back burner. The photos I've used in my business really help my branding. I was able to express myself through the photos that Jessica took...incorporating modern, classy, yet, approachable images. Do the session! It's one of those things we all say we want to do when we look at other's marketing, social media pages, etc... We fear that we won't be able to produce the same results BUT it's our fear that comes in the way. Whatever you envision, just do it. 


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