Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Review (2024)

Before we even dive into all the nitty-gritty details in this review, let me just say that I highly recommend Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF) for anyone who wants to bypass all the confusion out there and get right to the concrete steps that will help them make significant progress in their business. This is the system that guides you step-by-step on how to successfully launch in 2024. Whether you’re running an existing business or just know that you want to kickstart one, this program has got you covered.

So, you’ve got a great idea, maybe you’re interested in passive income, or adding additional revenue stream by creating something that people pay you for whether it’s an online program, membership, coaching program, or physical product.

Whatever it is, you can get so much further and have a much larger impact with the right tools in place to teach you how to properly launch.

In fact, I believe this knowledge is one of the greatest tools that a person in business can have under their belt.

Having launched for my own business many times in the past three years, I can say that this program is absolutely transformative for anyone wanting to sell their ideas or have more impact.  

I have a lot to say about what Jeff Walker has done for me, and am a proud affiliate partner. That means that if you end up joining me in his program I might receive a commission at no extra cost for you.

review for product launch formula by Jeff Walker
Product launch formula plf review
Product launch formula review for entrepreneurs

The Product Launch Formula

That’s where Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula comes in. Product Launch Formula (some call it PLF), an online training program by Jeff Walker (The famed author of Launch) that teaches students to launch an idea, product, or service with an insane amount of support.

This is a famed step-by-step program designed by Jeff Walker that has seen incredible results over the years. The program was initially released in 2005 and since then has coached over 10,000 people.

The Jeff Walker website has even released that they have tracked over a billion in launch revenue from their students in Product Launch Formula.

Sounds pretty great right? Let’s dive into what is inside the Product Launch Formula coaching program.

Product Launch Formula review

First, Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker is an launch specialist and has been teaching the world about launching before many people even knew what that word meant. He started his signature coaching program in 2005.

Jeff has worked with entrepreneurs including Bill Glazer, Tony Robbins and Dean Grazios.

He is the author of the bestselling book “Launch” which many entrepreneurs tote as the most influential book they’ve read in their online business.

He developed the Product Launch Formula as an e-learning platform to start and launch any product on the Internet.

What’s inside of Product Launch Formula?

Before entering the Product Launch Formula, you really should attend a webinar session.

They also serve as marketing tools and prepare you for the right time of buying the product. This is just another clever trick in Jeffs bag. Some would think this was unethical. I think the way things are done should not be considered to be a concern for getting your needs met. This is a program that will give you the greatest value. But these rewards also have huge benefits.

Product launch formula review by Jeff walker and his team
Jeff walker Product Launch Formula Review

Breakdown of the Product Launch Formula (PLF) program

So how does Product Launch Formula work? PLF is an 8-week course organized into eight modules starting on November 7th through 11th with video trainings and scripts carefully crafted by Jeff Walker.

One of the cool things about this course, is that if you’re a course binger like me, it allows you to move ahead more quickly once you’ve completed the training modules in Product Launch Formula early.

The Product Launch Formula Program also includes additional pdfs and downloads in the form of, action guides, timelines, a Product Launch Formula template and checklists.

You also get a ton of coaching calls with the team of coaches so that you are supported throughout the year.

There is an online community of people who joined the program called the PLF Owners Alumni Group. Access to this group means that you’ll have access to tons of people that have already done the things you’re wanting to do. It’s one of the best ways to get your questions answered in the future as any questions or issues arrive. The value of this cannot be overstated.

The program also includes a ton of really helpful and relevant bonuses to speed up your opportunity for success.

launch the product launch formula plf review including the sideways sales letter
Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Review

The Product Launch Formula Coaching Program:

The online PLF training program

The online Product Launch Formula program is your resource to join a group of business owners that were once sitting behind their computeres that have gone on to do a billion in sales after going through these trainings.

Eight modules

These 8 modules walk you through the step-by-step process of launching your idea with every single resource you could possibly need to get you to the finish line.

The interactive Launch Path feature

I mentioned this earlier, for those of you that love to binge your courses, this little feature is pretty unique. It allows you to move at your own pace so that the following modules open up once you’ve completed your previous modules.

Action Guides, timelines, templates and checklists

Are there to help keep you on track throughout your launch. There are additional resources to show you how to go beyond just launching and how to run a business that you love.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m in a hurry and want to read information rather than listen to it. These transcripts are the written version of the trainings so you can learn how you’d like.

Audio-only files

The PLF program also has audio-only files for people that want to listen and learn in the car, washing dishes, or on a walk.
review of product launch formula course online business
review of Jeff walker's product launch formula
learn to launch for your online business with Jeff walker's product launch formula

A full year of Coaching Calls 

Ok, this one is insane, you get a FULL YEAR of coaching calls with Jeff Walker’s team of full-time, in-house coaches. This is your opportunity to get live, personal support all year. The calls happen every other week. You also get to hear your fellow PLF students’ questions and answers — always helpful for your own business.

You also get the recordings of all the coaching calls

You don’t have to show up live to every weekly coaching call, you can consume them at your own pace or as needed because you’ll have all the recordings after each call.

Access to The PLF Owners Alumni group 

Community! Having a community of like-minded online business owners is a gift that keeps giving. If you’re wanting to up your game years down the road, this is the resource to turn to.

This active group will have been through it all and have advice for the things that worked best for them, or even the information to save you from making their past mistakes.

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Review

Plus You Get All of These Extra Bonuses:

BONUS: “Launching Your List” 

This in and of it’s self is a stand-alone course that teaches you how to grow an email list full of people that want what you have to offer. You are able to access this bonus inside of the Product Launch Formula Program Portal.

BONUS: “Product Creation Code”

Another bonus in the form of a course that teaches you to create the offers that people are going to be willing to pay for with pre launch content. It doesnt matter if you’re creating an online program, a membership, a coaching program or a physical product. This course will help you to achieve success by showing you how to make a winning offer.

BONUS: “Your Tech Stack Quick Start”

If you’re like me, you aren’t interested in spending hours online trying to figure out the best apps and technology to help you along with you launch in addition to trying to figure it all out with youtube videos and back and forth questions from each individual app to find out how things speak together.

This tech bonus cuts to the chase by showing you exactly what to do and how to get started.

BONUS: the full Case Study & Launch Examples Library 

When I first started launching, I was obsessed with seeing what other people were doing. Where they were finding success and where they were falling short. This bonus is where it’s at! You get access to a ton of in depth account from past students showing all different kinds of products in many different niches to show you exactly what works for a successful product launch!

In addition to that you can even use the successful “sample copy” as a starting point for your own launches.

Jeff Walker also shows his own $7 million launch sample file. This is such a good bonus and leg up that it somehow feels like it shouldn’t be legal. LOL.

BONUS: “Advanced Launch Multipliers” 

If you’re new to launching and want to know all the many facets that you could adopt in the future, this shows you the different launch techniques like Live Launching, Evergreen Launching, Quick Launching, and more.

You’ll learn a ton of strategies that may fit into your business design and lifestyle.

BONUS: “Launch Partnership”

When you’re launching, you don’t have to do it alone. Learn how to find the people that can help you with your future launches from joint venture partners, consultants, launch managers and full business partners. This mini course shows you how to partner on your launches with a joint venture launch.

BONUS:  “Low-Tech Launch” Guide 

Jeff Walker changed his launch strategies in 2020 during COVID in a new way that they’ve called the “Low-Tech Launch”.

This is great for anyone that wants to launch but worries about the tech aspect. This bonus shows you how to work around that to have a successful launch low tech style.

BONUS: “Winning Book Launches” 

For anyone that is an author or who dreams of writing a book, learn from someone who has had major success with this bonus on launching a book.

Jeff walker product launch formula price

The Product Launch Formula Cost

The Product Launch Forumla price is a fee of $1997 if you choose to pay all at once, or you can choose the monthly payment plan of $397 a month.

When considering the cost and if it would be worth it for you. I think it helps to do just a little bit of math. How many products would you have to sell to cover the cost of the course.

Pricing it out for yourself.

For me, I planned out a course that would sell for $997 with each signup. I would need to sell to just two people to cover the cost of Product Launch Formula…but the truth is that I sold 4 times that number with my very first launch email (and had many more within that launch), and have continued to profit off of my launches since.

So do some math and ask yourself what it would take to cover the cost for yourself and your business.

product launch formula course cost pre launch seed launch

Who is the PLF for in 2024?

Jeff Walker’s product launch plan targets people and businesses or those seeking to launch anything online from products to services.

If you are wanting to create something that people pay you for whether it’s an online program, membership, coaching program, or physical product this launch formula shows you how to do it in a way that will help you to sell it and make it successful.

product launch formula review by Jeff Walker
Product Launch formula by Jeff walker a review
review for product launch formula by Jeff Walker

Could you do this without Product Launch Formula?

I wouldn’t dream of trying to do this stuff without the launch resources. You don’t know what you don’t know, and this program shows you all the holes in your knowledge and the places that could cost you so much time and money. Remember that this course only opens once a year.  You can wait and try to do it on your own, but a year from now you may still be in the same place as you are now.  

on the fence?

If you’re considering joining the PLF program and you’re feeling a bit on the fence, know that there is a money back guarantee if you decide that it’s just not right for you within 14 days. There’s no risk in finding out for yourself, and it might just make a huge difference in your life.

Jeff is offering his famed once-a-year FREE Masterclass on how to launch. If you’ve never learned from Jeff before, now is your chance!