My 4 Favorite Marketing Trends for Photographers in 2024

When you got into photography, you probably got into photography because you love the feeling of being behind the lens. You love the feeling of sending over client deliverables. You love the adrenaline rush of a great shoot.

You probbbbably didn’t get into photography because you wanted to market yourself and your business.

Sound about right?

But, to be completely honest, marketing is the name of the game — especially in 2024. Marketing yourself as a photographer is really the most important thing you can do to grow and scale your business, and it’s also the #1 thing I hear from photographers that they’re struggling with.

So, if you’re struggling with marketing trends in photography business, you’re not alone. Heck, I’ve been at this for a long time and still get overwhelmed by it sometimes.

Luckily, though, marketing for photographers is really easier than you may think. The trick? Follow the trends, do what feels right and organic to your business, and trust yourself. It’s that simple.


Marketing trends for photographers in 2021

Why is marketing for photographers so important?


Here’s the thing: there are a lot of photographers out there. From personal branding photographers to wedding photographers to product photographers and everything in between, there are a lot of really talented people who spend their lives behind the lens.

Your job? To set yourself apart from the competition.

The method? To market yourself really, really well.

Marketing for photographers is as important as it is because it’s your best tool for reaching more clients. Without it, people just kind of have to find you – and, while that can be effective, it’s not as effective or as quick to the job as smart, effective marketing strategies. And, marketing trends in photography don’t have to be these incredibly involved, highly complicated things… by a long shot. Instead, they just need to work. That’s what I’m here for.

marketing trends in photography industry


My 4 Favorite Marketing Trends for Photographers in 2024


The best thing about marketing for photographers is that it’s not like marketing in a lot of industries. Instead of a focus on expensive, massive, hyper-data-driven marketing, photographers need to engage in connection marketing. 

Since photography is in itself such a personal thing — and since choosing a photographer is so personal in itself — it all makes sense. To create an effective photography marketing strategy, you just need to be able to connect with people. Really. It’s that easy. Here are my 4 favorite (and connection-focused) marketing trends for photographers in 2024:

  1. Short, snappy video content (i.e., Instagram Reels + TikTok): Video has become more important than ever in the last year or so, which means that the good ole’ social media algorithm favors the heck out of it. Instead of letting this freak you out photo-wise, take advantage of it. You can make Reels and TikToks that do everything from educating other photographers to inspiring and informing potential clients… and it’s actually really fun! (Need some ideas? Grab my free idea list here.)
  2. Email. Lists. Always: The power of an engaged email list is something that truly can’t be overlooked as a photographer, whether you’re looking to build up a client base or teach other photographers. Plus, email has been a marketing trend for years for one reason — because it works. If you don’t have an email list, get on it ASAP. You can start building freebies to drive subscribers, sending out newsletters to your list, and reminding people who you are almost immediately, and it matters — trust me here.
  3. Branding yourself really, really well: People choose and look with their eyes. They just do. (In fact, we know that. We’re photographers!) What that means for your marketing strategy, though, is that you need to have branding that A) looks great and is strategized well, and that B) you consistently pull through to every level of your business. It helps with brand awareness, it helps you reach the right people, and it sets you apart as an expert.
  4. Leveling up your content strategy: If you don’t have a content strategy, you could be missing out on SO many leads and opportunities for your business via website visitors and social media impressions. I’m a huge fan of the three-part content strategy at Art of Her — a blog post with a corresponding newsletter and freebie — but you can adjust that strategy to something that works for you. The key? To level it up in 2024.

No matter how new or experienced you are at the photography game, marketing as a photographer can seem really, really overwhelming. However, I can promise you that it doesn’t have to be — and, instead, it can be a really fun, powerful way to grow your business. Instead of stressing about it all, take your time to have fun with it… and watch what happens.


If you’re ready to dip your toes into the Instagram Reel and TikTok waters, I’ve got you! You can download 14 Reel/TikTok ideas for photographers for  free right here:


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