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    Ready to Master the
    Personal Brand Photography Niche?

    Does this sound like you?

    What if I told you there was a better way?

    Maybe you’ve taken courses before or you’ve invested your time and energy into getting more clients in the door. If that didn’t work for you, it’s not your fault!  Building a thriving business means you’ve got to build the right foundation and processes so that you’re ready to move people from inquiry to booking with ease. If you are spending your energy on marketing without the right structure in place, you’re wasting your time!

    Building a strong foundation with systems and workflows ensures that you’re creating a stellar client experience that people can’t wait to pay for.

    Turning your website into a full time employee with a funnel leading people to your inquiry form while addressing all of their objections is a MUST.

    Knowing how to capture and deliver exactly what your clients value allows you to increase your prices to sustain your dream business.

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    Kind words from current students.

    Hi there, I'm Jess!

    For years I was that hardcore hustler working day in and day out to make this job as a photographer a reality.  I’d shoot anything and everything from weddings to architecture and still struggled to make ends meet.  I felt like I was on a hamster wheel of always looking for new clients and stressed out that I couldn’t swing it.  

    I knew something had to change.

    I started working on my business as much as I had worked on my photography, and saw massive changes when I made holistic changes instead of just treating the symptoms. 

    When I dove into personal branding photography, I saw my first 6-figure year and started working with dreamy clients to further their visions and success.

    The best part is that I now had more time and more freedom.  Freedom to spend time with my famliy and time to be more creative.

    Now I want to help passionate photographers like you skip all those years hustling by showing you what works in the personal branding niche, with that business that works FOR you! 

    Personal brand and headshot photographer









    Are you ready to build a personal brand Photography business that works FOR you?

    let's go with yes!

    Personal Branding Breakthrough

    This “get it done” course gives you a concrete plan for building a successful business in personal branding photography that works FOR you while magnetizing a steady flow of dream clients so you can focus on what you love most, your craft.

    By the end of Personal Branding Breakthrough, you will have:

    Confidence to communicate

    the value of personal branding photography with a deep understanding of the niche, so you can charge the prices you deserve.

    A solid workflow and communication system

    all set up to make sure your clients have a rave worthy experience from you right from the moment they reach out.

    A magnetic personal brand and business

    You’ll create your own brand that feels completely authentic, even if you don’t currently feel comfortable putting yourself out there.

    A strategy for planning and shooting

    You’ll learn step-by-step how to plan every detail of your client’s photoshoots and make it a more collaborative process so it’s not all on your shoulders and your clients feel more invested.

    A High Ticket Phone Call strategy

    I’ll show you exactly what to say on the phone with your potential clients to show them your value, without ever having to convince them to book.  This exact script has led my students to 75%+ booking rates.

    A high converting website

    We’ll go through and talk about all of the objections your clients have that stops them from booking, and address them right on your website, turning it into a funnel leading people to your inbox.

    the membership experience bonus for membership sites

    But most importantly?

    Personal Branding Breakthrough teaches you to build a strong foundation, gives you the tools to stand out in this niche all while getting the clients you love on your calendar, so you can increase your profits, time and freedom to enjoy your passion without all the stress and overwhelm.


    Build your Business

    We dive straight into the personal branding niche by getting crystal clear on what businesses really want and need from you.  You’ll be able to communicate the value of the work you create to anyone who will listen and feel confident explaining exactly what it is that you do. Next up is marketing and if that word, yes, marketing made you cringe a little, then this one is definitely for you.  You’ll learn the five most important marketing principles. (Spoiler alert: using these with your photography may feel like pouring rocket fuel on your content strategies!) Hate emailing? Yeah, me too! That’s why I’ve streamlined the process from start to finish with done-for-you, copy-paste email templates all designed with your client experience in mind, so you’re not reinventing the wheel each time you take a new client or open your inbox.

    If coming up with pricing for your photography has ever felt a bit like pulling numbers out of a hat (or checking out what other photographers are charging), you’re going to love this one. I’ll show you how to come up with it and present it in such a way so as not only will people buy, but they won’t be able to resist.

    This module wraps up with a lesson all about you my friend.  Yes, you. It can be pretty intimidating to put yourself out there as your own personal brand but I’ll show you the exact steps to take with my magnetic personal brand planner that will guide you through this process of being proudly authentically you, while still cultivating a professional image.



    Planning a unique and authentic photoshoot sets the stage for the images you’re being paid to create. This module simplifies your process for planning with an easy-to-follow strategy so that everything runs smoothly on shoot day!

    You’ll learn to find out exactly what your clients want from you, even when they have no idea what to ask you for (which is often the case). Using a questionnaire and planning prompts.

    You’ll save yourself from over or under planning with the Four Key Looks method and shot list where you’ll be able to find the perfect locations, give guidance on wardrobes and suggest the best props.

    There is an entire lesson on finding locations, shooting the best lighting, what to wear, and what to bring to the photoshoot both with props and gear.

    Get ready to set the perfect stage.



    This is what we’re all here for! This is where you’ll be able to pair your style with the stage you’ve set.

    No more early morning jitters before your sessions. I’m showing you exactly how to prepare, what to pack, and how to get that last-minute inspiration on your side.

    From lighting, cropping in, capturing variety to getting real and authentic poses from even the most nervous clients.  This module has it all.

    Once the shooting day is done, you’ll be able to cull, retouch and export your sessions knowing you’re giving your clients everything they need (so you can finally say goodbye to the back and forths once you’ve delivered everything.

    I also show my you how to do an easy In-Person-Sales session using Lightroom if you choose to do In-Person-Sales. You don’t have to do this to get results from this course, but if you choose to do it this way, I’ve got you covered.


    Getting Clients

    Leading right off of the first module we’ll be focusing on filling up your calendar with those, “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is my job” kinda clients.


    We’ll take your brand new magnetic personal brand and start updating your online presence in a way that pulls people straight to the next step in your funnel, your website.


    I’ll walk you through exactly what needs to be on your website to show that you’re the boss, and help move your clients right past their objections and straight into your inbox, where you’ll already have a workflow in place to move them through (thank you Module 1.)


    At this point, your system is in place all ready for you to hit the ground running. We will also be putting a launch (or relaunch) plan in motion using my launch swipe files for inspiration.

    In addition to the video trainings you'll also get these resources:

    Your trainings come with additional resources to help you build your business faster.  This isn’t homework!  These are plug and play, copy-paste assets that you can put into place in your business right away.

    The Pricing Calculator

    This comprehensive calculator will help you nail down your pricing and packages and help you see how many shoots you need to do for the year to bring home your ideal salary after expenses.

    The Launch Kit

    Launching isn’t a one time thing!  Even if you’ve been shooting personal branding, this launch kit will help you get more clients in the door.

    Instagram Social Selling Swipes

    Don’t know what to write about on social media to get traction?  These Instagram swipe files will give you what you need to get going.

    The Discovery Questionnaire

    Start your planning process off right with these questions that will help you deep dive into what your client needs.

    Templates, Guides and Cheatsheets

    So many things!  We’ve packed this course full of all the resources you’ll need to build a business that works for you in the personal branding niche.

    The Email Template Suite

    Get my entire suite of emails that you can instantly plug and play into your system.  These are designed to enhance your client experience, address problems before they start, and lead your clients through your workflow.

    Kind words from current students.

    She went from charging $100 a shoot to $4000 and made $60k in 9 months as a side gig.

    Let's talk about the bonuses.

    Yep, there’s more! These bonuses are designed to help you take your business success a step further.


    The Personal Brand Contract

    To be a personal branding photographer, you need a contract with every client. Your clients expect you to give a commercial release, in writing. Set up expectations, and protect yourself in the process.

    (A $497 Value)


    The Almost-Magic Content Strategy

    Tired of feeling like you’re constantly creating content in order to keep up.  Well, this content strategy will be your life saver.  Create high value content with almost zero effort.  Yes, really.

    (A $397 Value)


    The SEO training Guide

    Learn the strategies you need to start ranking on the top page of Google where you live. This breakdown and guide will show you exactly what you need to do to start ranking for personal branding. 

    (A $650 Value)


    Enroll in Personal Branding Breakthrough Today!

    It’s more than a course.  It’s a way to finally stop feeling overwhelmed and run ragged.  Build that successful personal branding photography business that’s designed to give you more freedom to focus your art.

    In the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to have a system in place that makes you look and feel like a CEO that’s booking more dream clients, having more impact all whlie making more money that you thought possible.

    14-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Look, deep down, I believe that this course has the power to change your business and your life. I believe that the outcome is well worth the cost of investment.

    I created this course to help you grow your business in a more holistic way.  That’s why I’m excited to invite you to join Personal Branding Breakthrough for 14 days, completely commitment free.

    If you get throught the first 14 days of this course and feel like it wasn’t helpful or didn’t meet your expectations, I will happily give you a full refund.

    I believe in building a better future for you and don’t want the fear of this not being right for you to hold you back.  So, try it out, and contact me if it’s just not what you expected through email, and I will issue a full refund.

    And just so we're clear...
    (Because we don't believe in wasting time)

    You're in the right place if:

    You're in the wrong place if:

    I can't wait for you to join!

    Listen friend, I know you’re here for a reason.  There’s something bigger you’ve been dreaming of.  You know you can do more with your skills and talent.  You can go further, you can impact people’s lives with your art.

    It’s my calling in life to help people realize and achieve their dreams.  There’s nothing that makes me happier than watching that fire ignite in someone as they take off towards the vision they’ve been holding back on.

    Personal branding photography has changed my life. That’s why I created this course to serve as your launchpad.  I went from stressed out, overworked, and spending all my extra time in front of my computer trying to find clients instead of spending time with my kids, to booked out with a waitlist, working less than ever before making six figures, and spending more time with my little ones.

    You already have the talent you need to succeed in this niche, and this risk-free course will give you the rest of the missing pieces to turn your talent into a thriving business.

    I want you to know what it feels like to have financial freedom, more time to create, and the ability to leave an impact with your imagery.

    So if you’ve got those big dreams for yourself, your business, your family, and your bank account this course is for you.

    I cannot wait to see you inside!

    Jess Kornacki

    You've got Q's? We've got A's.

    Yes, this course is designed for established photographers and beginners alike. 

    I’ll show you how to leverage your existing audience to help build this new branch of your business.

    I’ll even be covering how to add personal branding photography to your website even when you offer other services like family or weddings.

    You are in the right place at the right time, my friend.  Everything in this course was created from years and years of learning by trial and error.  With the tools in this course you’ll get to bypass the typical failures that often put beginner photographers out of business.

    While this course isn’t designed to teach you how to use your camera, it will show you the exact steps to run a thriving business in the personal branding photography niche.

    I designed this course to be actionable and easy to implement with many done-for-you templates, guides, checklists, and inspirational swipe files.

    My goal is to help you get it all done quickly so that you’re ready when those inquiries start pouring in.

    Yep!  I truly believe this will help you build the business you’ve been dreaming of, but if you request a refund within 14 days of purchase, I’m happy to send you back your payment. 

    Yes, absolutely!  I watched as the wedding photography and family photography industry got decimated, while I was getting more inquiries than ever during the height of the pandemic. Seriously!

    The entire world just realized they need to move their businesses online and start marketing themselves to compete. Many people dropped out of the workforce to start their own thing. 

    That’s where personal branding photography comes in to help.  This is the best time in history to be jumping into this niche!

    I’m going to give you some tough love, but only because I want more for you. You can stay exactly where you are right now.

    It’s up to you. You can keep struggling in business and feeling frustrated by chasing clients.

    Or one month from now your future could look completely different.  Imagine this…imagine opening up your computer every morning with new leads asking to work with you.  Imagine feeling so confident and fulfilled in the work you create without ever getting those fraudy feelings.

    Imagine being proud of yourself and the impact you’re able to have with your business. Imagine a full bank account and extra time to spend doing what you love with the people you love. 

    That’s what your life could look like if you commit to putting in the work now.  This is your life, this is your choice.

    This course is designed to have you on the ground running in 30 days. 

    Each of the 4 modules is released on a separate week to give you the time to learn and implement each lesson before moving forward.  

    I recommend that you set aside two to three hours on your calendar each week to learn and implement the strategies in the course.

    Two to three hours a week is just 30 minutes each weekday dedicated to changing your business and your life, and the strategies you put in place will save you hours and hours of time in the future.

    The moment you purchase, my system will send you an email with a login to the course library.  From there, you’ll have instant access to all of your trainings, templates, and bonuses.


    Here's what you get inside of the
    Personal Branding Breakthrough Program:

    Personal Branding Breakthrough:

     26 Video Lessons and Resources ($4000 Value)

    Plus the Bonuses:

    • The Personal Brand Photography Contract ($497 Value)
    • The Almost-Magic Content Strategy ($397 Value)
    • The Behind-the-Scenes SEO Training Guide ($650 Value)
    • When you add it all up, that’s a value of $5544

    But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:



    Get instant access to the entire program and save $300 off of the normal price for a limited-time.


    6 x $179

    Get instant access to the program with these lower monthly payment installments.

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