Congrats! You booked the shoot, now what?

Personal branding photography questionnaire

More than ever before, businesses are moving and marketing online. The world of personal branding photography is exploding while those businesses search for photographers that can help them show up in style.

Do you know what to ask these ready-to-book businesses to plan their session?

Creating images that are more than just a pretty picture, and a coffee mug involve research and planning with each and every client.

This takes time and effort on your part if you don't have a system in place. If you're ready to simplify your life so that you can start planning powerful shoots for each business...

Then you're in the right place.


The Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire

  • Get the exact answers you need to plan the perfect shoot.
  • Ensure that your clients love what you're creating, every time.
  • Understand your client's audience, products, and branding.
  • Simplify your branding workflow
  • Create more powerful and meaningful images for your clients and portfolio.
  • Take the guesswork out of your planning process.
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Personal branding photography questionnaire
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About Me

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I’m a veteran portrait photographer (I started early) that loves to help other photographers and business owners to succeed in their passions.  Nothing gets me fired up quite like seeing someone getting on a trajectory that leads them to their dream business. 

My superpower is seeing unique gifts in others (and capturing those in photographs), as well as strategic thinking and planning.  I’ve channeled those two superpowers into creating a super simple questionnaire that won’t take too much of your client’s precious time.  

My goal is to take the stress of, “well, I booked them, now what do I do?” off your plate and out of your list of things to stress about.  You’re running a business too, and your time is valuable!

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(knowing this will save you!)

  • Reason 1. They don’t understand marketing. Personal branding is about so much more than a pretty picture on Instagram.
  • Reason 2. They don’t set themselves up as the authority.
  • Reason 3. They design and shoot cookie cutter photoshoots. 
  • Reason 4. They waste their time asking clients the wrong questions.
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I've taken what I learned from photographing hundreds of businesses

and simplified my planning process into 17 questions that I use with every one of my personal branding clients.

Personal branding photography questionnaire
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Here's what you get:

  • Access to the 17 simple questions that get at the heart of what your clients need
  • A prompt to help you find more locations to add to your location guide
  • Questions that make you look like a marketing pro
  • Guidance from your client that will show you what they want to you to shoot and what you should avoid

Personal branding photography questionnaire


  • Personal Brand Photography Questionnaire ($59 value)


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