Personal branding photography questionnaire

You likely realize that branding photography is about more than telling your client to bring coffee mugs and laptops.

But, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be asking these brands and businesses that will help YOU to give them the best recommendations and set you up for success.

Do you want to stop guessing which location, products, and props will enhance the feel their brand is going for?

branding photography questionnaire
Personal branding photography questionnaire pdf
brand photography questionnaire

What's inside this digital PDF?

  • 19 strategic questions designed to get to the heart of what your clients really want from you, while also helping you to know what to recommend during the planning process.
  • You’ll get access to a PDF and document so that you can copy and paste everything easily into your system.
  • A location prompt to help you start building your own library with your clients resources
  • A simple PDF questionnaire designed to help you look like a marketing pro (whether you like marketing or not!).
when you research your customers will have more confidence your intention and detail

as a photographer, how do you design a shoot that your brand clients will love?

The personal branding photography questionnaire that will help you plan the perfect personal brand shoots for your clients

All while saving you time and stress in the process. (without having to cross your fingers that you’re delivering on what your clients what and need.)

This personal branding photography questionnaire will help guide your plans from start to finish.

This questionnaire is meant to ask the most important questions you and your client need to know before you ever start thinking about brand feel, locations, or wardrobe.

You and your customers will love every picture you create when you start with these questions as your foundation.  You’ll understand their audience, products and brand  and what they need for their social media platforms so that you can ensure the content will work for them.

And bonus…it actually helps them to nail down what they are looking for, and it makes you look like a total boss in the process.

Use your personal branding photography to show their vision


And created simplified a personal brand questionnaire to get to the heart of what they need

Personal branding photography

If you’re breaking into personal branding photography and you’re getting small businesses in the door, you already know that the planning method for personal brand shoots is exactly what will set you up for success on shoot day.

Here’s what you might not know.

Even if you’re amazing at photography and have a degree in marketing, planning for a personal brand session shouldn’t rest on your shoulders alone.

This whole thing should be a collaboration between you and your entrepreneurs.

use a questionnaire alongside your ideas and your vision for their photos to describe their images.
You can sell the life and describe their businesses with a sign using your style and images on their website

A personal brand questionnaire can help you to:

Strengthen the work you’re creating
When you know the ins and outs of what your entrepreneurs need to grow their company, you can plan shots that will help them do just that.
Show your clients the value in what you are doing for them.
When they get clarity on all the ways they can use their images, how strategically you’re planning their perfect shoot, they will value what you’re creating more.
Take the planning pressure off your plate
Having a strong questionnaire in place turns the planning portion of your work into a collaboration where both of you are responsible. You can’t do this right without asking them the right questions from the very beginning.
Take the guesswork out of the questions you should be asking your clients.
When you have a questionnaire in place that you share with all of your clients, the whole systems stops feeling like you’re reinventing the wheel all the time.

Your art can help you to show their personality and achieve their goals through your ideas and photos

All for your Personal brand Client

These questions were designed after many iterations and many personal brand photography clients.  It’s a great combination of diving deep into their company, while also respecting that they are busy entrepreneurs.

Personal brand photography is not all about laptops and coffee mugs, or any of the other pictures you found on a Pinterest board. 

Yes, those pictures can work for  your clients, but getting really clear on their goals and their upcoming needs is how you can actually create a photoshoot that will help them grow their business.

But you can’t do it if you don’t know what they need.  The fact is that most photographers won’t put the effort into doing a deep dive with their entrepreneurs.  They won’t design a unique photoshoot for every business they work with.  Many are content to copy-paste what everyone else is doing online.

Here’s why that’s a problem.

The need for content is growing as social media marketing is growing.  Personal brand clients come back time and time again and you can fill your calendars with repeat business, BUT those businesses won’t come back for another session if the images you created don’t actually help them.  You could take the prettiest pictures in the world, but if those pictures aren’t created with their company in mind, they won’t be coming back.

The fact is, most personal brand photographers out there are still treating their sessions like a headshot or portrait session or family photography. 

  • Shooting this way makes it hard for your entrepreneurs to use more than a few of the images for marketing.
  • Each session should be designed with the story of their business in mind.  Your client needs content for marketing.
  • You won’t get repeat or raving entrepreneurs unless you create images that actually help their company.
  • There are branding photographers out there that just shoot for Instagram colors or feed, but your entrepreneurs need so much more for their brand.
  • It only takes a few extra questions to help you know exactly what to shoot and suggest to your ideal customer to match their style and what they need.

Entrepreneurs are madly in love with their businesses, and they want to show you what they need.  They want to be a part of this process.

use your service and portraits to help people feel like they are in the right place
lifestyle headshots and brand images

Set yourself up as a pro from the start.

Your entrepreneurs will know you’re the pro because you’re asking questions that will help strengthen their marketing efforts.

Many photographers think that personal branding is all about exposure, but they are missing the greatest opportunity to create a powerful photoshoot.

Branding shoots should be about marketing your client to the right people with the right message

The Perks:

19 Strategic questions

These are the questions I use with all of my entrepreneurs.  These will help you to get to the heart of what your entrepreneurs need from you.

Paste into your system

You’ll get access to a PDF and document so that you can copy and paste everything easily into your system.


A location Prompt

There’s a prompt that will help you to add more locations to your list with each client.

Marketing Magic

You don’t have to know all about marketing to use this questionnaire.  These questions will help you to get answers from your entrepreneurs to reveal what you need to be planning in a strategic way.

how to get into personal branding photography
If you want to run a business as a small business owner in the online world this blog post is for you
Denver photographer

About me!

I’m a veteran portrait photographer (I started early) that loves to help other photographers and businesses owners to succeed in their passions.  Nothing get’s me fired up quite like seeing someone getting on a trajectory that leads them to their dream business.  My super power is seeing unique gifts in others (and capturing those in photographs), as well as strategic thinking and planning.  I’ve channeled those two super powers into creating a super simple questionnaire that won’t take too much of your client’s precious time.

Grab this questionnaire and start implementing it into your workflow with every client.  Soon you’ll know exactly what to do when approached by a business owner even if the work they do isn’t super visual.  Think: business development consultant, or an accountant.  

My goal is to take the stress of, “well, I booked them, now what do I do?” off your plate and out of your list of things to stress about.  You’re running a business too, and your time is valuable!


This personal branding questionnaire is for you if:

  • You’re interested in the new personal brand photography niche
  • You have a deep desire to see your client’s businesses succeed
  • You want to shoot images that have meaning and purpose
  • You want to use strong marketing techniques to plan your photoshoots.

this personal branding questionnaire is not for you if:

  • You have no interest in the new personal branding photography niche
  • You’re okay with giving pictures to your entrepreneurs that don’t market their work
  • You want a one size fits all process for every shoot
  • You don’t like to customize for your personal branding customer needs
  • You’d rather wing it during your personal branding session than have a plan
  • You don’t think images or social media can help a brand’s mission
As one of the b school graduates that saw a huge benefit from the training videos and the fun sheets. B school helped me immensely and I went at my own pace.