Personal branding Photography Questionnaire

Are you a photographer getting into personal branding and know there’s more to it than having your client giggling over a laptop or coffee mug?

Have decided you’d like to learn more about the people you work with so that you benefit their actual mission, services, business and social media? Do you want to stop guessing which location, products, and props will enhance the specific feel their brand is going for? Whether it’s for a product based brand or a service based brand these questions will help you to style their shoot.

So, as a photographer how do you design a custom session that fits your clients real goals, personality and brand?

The fact is, most photographers shoot personal branding photos like the rest of their portrait sessions and their clients can only use part of the resulting images for their business. Each session should be designed with the story of their business in mind. Your client needs content to market their business with.

You won’t get repeat or raving customers unless you create images that actually help their business.

There are branding photographers out there that just shoot for their Instagram colors or feed, but your customers need so much more.

It only takes a few extra questions to help you know exactly what to shoot and suggest to your client.


The personal branding Photography Questionnaire

The only questions you’ll need to help you plan the perfect photoshoot and deliver images your client actually needs for their audience.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and brands to create this questionnaire.

The questionnaire that will guide your plans from start to finish. This guide is meant to ask the most important questions you and your client need to know before you ever start thinking about brand feel, locations, or wardrobe.

You and your clients will love every picture you create when you start with these questions as your foundation. You’ll understand their audience, products, and brand so that you can ensure the content will work for them.

Personal branding Photography Questionnaire

You’ll get access to the 17 primary questions that help me get at the heart of what my clients need before I plan a thing.

A single payment of $29

Imagine how much easier it would be to shoot personal branding photos when you had clarity from the start.

  • 17 questions that get to the heart of what your client needs from you.

  • A prompt to help you find more locations to add your location guide.

  • Questions that make you look like a marketing pro.

  • Guidance from your client that will show you what they want you to shoot and what they want you to avoid.

Purchase this questionnaire today to get a download in your email address with all of the questions.

This questionnaire is for you if:

  • You are interested in the new personal brand photography niche
  • You have a deep desire to see your client’s businesses succeed

  • You want to shoot images that have meaning and purpose

  • You want to use strong marketing techniques to plan your photoshoots

This questionnaire is Not for you if:

  • You have no interest in the new personal branding photography niche.

  • You’re okay with delivering pictures to your business clients that don’t have marketing in mind.

  • You have a one size fits all process for every business and don’t like to customize for their needs.

  • You’d rather wing it during your photoshoot than have a plan.

  • You don’t think images or social media content can help a brand mission.

Personal branding Photography Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you to dive deep with your clients so that you can plan the perfect photoshoot for their personal brand. From the impact they are trying to have, to the places where they market the most. Use these questions to set yourself up for success from the start.

The questions that will help you design the perfect personal brand photo shoot.

and set you up as a marketing pro in the process. (Even if you’ve never shot personal branding photos before or hate marketing.)

If you’re a photographer moving into personal branding

You’ve already heard that this new niche is where it’s at. Entrepreneurs are extremely excited to find someone that offers this as a service and are willing to pay a professional to do the work.

Here’s what you might not know

Even if you’re already booking business clients, getting raving, repeat clients isn’t quite the same as it is for headshot or portrait businesses.

This questionnaire will help your ideal clients see the value in the work you’re creating.

When they get clarity on all the ways they can use their images, how strategically you’re planning their shoot they will value what you’re creating more.

Learn what your client REALLY needs.

The questions on this questionnaire are designed to find out details that will serve your client even if they don’t know how to tell you.

Always deliver powerful images

When you get the responses from their questionnaire, it’s a recipe for designing a powerful photoshoot with images that they’ll not only love, but that will help them reach their goals.

Take the guesswork out of the questions you should be asking

These questions were designed after many iterations and many personal branding photography clients. It’s a great combination of diving deep into their business, while also respecting that they are busy entrepreneurs.

Set yourself up as a pro from the beginning

Your clients will know you’re the pro because you’re asking questions that will help strengthen their marketing efforts.

Many photographers think that personal branding photography is just about exposure, but they are missing the greatest opportunity to create a powerful shoot.

Personal branding shoots should be about marketing your client to the right people with the right message.

Do you have a business that is interested in hiring you for personal branding photography?


But what the heck should you do next?

The fact is that most photographers are planning their personal branding photography shoots based on pins they’ve found on Pinterest.

Here’s why that can be a massive problem:

Every business is different. Every business has a different ideal client, and different marketing goals. They need a shoot that is designed for their unique marketing. We can help them communicate their message when we ask them the right questions.



(and how to guarantee you actually do)

Reason 1. They don’t understand marketing.

Personal branding photography is about so much more than a pretty picture on Instagram.

Reason 2. They don’t set themselves up as the authority

Reason 3. They design and shoot cookie cutter photoshoots

Reason 4. They waste their time asking the wrong questions