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Course Launching Soon: Personal Brand Vision

Create a plan for authentic personal brand images to help you feel confident on camera, set you up as a leader in your industry, and make your business irresistible to your ideal clients.

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  • Design a personalized plan to market your brand through images
  • Take the fear out of stepping in front of the camera
  • Find the locations, wardrobe, props and photographer that are best for you and your business
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“I’ve done a shoot before but didn’t have a clear plan going in which I feel really affected the final photos. My biggest challenge being the face of my business has been confidence. I felt unable to fully step into the role I needed to.  After going through the course, I have a solid plan of who I want to reach and the most important areas of my online marketing to focus on for my next photo shoot.

I’ve made a list of prop and wardrobe ideas along with the perfect vibe words of how I want women to see me when finding me through my website and social media. This planning has made me much more confident to take on my next branding photoshoot. 

If you’re struggling with getting in front of the camera and being the true face of your company, this course will give you the preparation and confidence you need. I’m actually excited about my next branding photo shoot!”

- Candace Playforth, Health and Essential Oil Coach, Union KY

I didn’t know I needed this course until I read its description and thought “That’s me!” I’m a great nutritionist but my preference is to be behind-the-scenes and not “the” public face of my business because it feels intimidating, so even though I needed new images for marketing I put it in the too-hard basket. But after finishing the course, I felt really confident (and a little excited to be honest) thinking about creating the shoot, just the tips on posing to make you look more approachable and better on camera made me think it will actually be fun to do.

The clear steps to plan what types of photos I want and need and how to ask for them made me confident that I’ll get more value out of my next shoot. I got nice pictures at my last shoot, but they either weren’t the right orientation or unsuitable for my marketing needs, but now I can offer my photographer more direction.  

This course is for you if you are unsure about how to plan your photos for marketing your business, overly self-conscious about getting in front of the camera or just want tips to look good in the photos!

Veronica Vogel, Dietitian, Erina, Australia

I have competed in pageants, have been in SO many of my friends' weddings, and have been around photographers for a long time. These tips are invaluable - especially to anyone just beginning. It will save them SO MUCH money and heartache. Especially the make up one. So important to find someone who knows what they are doing!

You will spend way more money and possibly years trying to figure this out on your own. This is definitely the case of putting "Decades into days" - you can't afford NOT to take this course. 

- Sara Rudin, IT Risk Analyst, Round Rock, Texas

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