The Ultimate Rent the runway reviews (2024)

rent the runway reviews
marie forleo b school review from a photographer and course creator

What Is Rent The Runway?

Maybe you’ve heard about memberships online that allow you to rent clothing? But, did you know that Rent the Runway, a clothing rental company that was actually the first subscription platform for clothes, offering women (like you) the chance for an authentic, luxurious style of clothes?

The RTR platform is a platform for renting, purchasing and subscribing for second hand clothing from a variety of incredible sources.

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What Are Rent The Runway Clothes Like?

The Rent the Runway clothing gets updated and added to all the time. I am always seeing new looks come in. There are tons of options to wear clothing from many of your favorite brands and even designer brands that can typically seem out of reach for the average budget.

rent a dress from rent the runway multiple times per month

How Does Rent The Runway Work?

Rent the Runway offers a monthly membership that allows you to get their 4 designer outfits, 8 designer outfits or 16 designer outfits each month.

No matter what membership you choose, the shipments come to you with 4 outfits at a time. So the 4 outfits a month membership will come once a month. The 8 outfit membership will come to you twice a month and the 16 outfit membership will be available 4 times a month.

You can send clothes back for more anytime you’re ready if you still have outfits available, and the shipping is super fast.

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How Much Does Renting The Runway Cost?

The cost for Rent the Runway typically ranges from $94 to $235, but I do have a coupon code that you can use for 40% off of your first two months. Click here to get access to my Rent the Runway promo code.

My Personal Experience With Rent The Runway

I’m a photographer that does portraits for women, and I’ve been watching my clients rock amazing outfits from Rent The Runway for 8 years! After seeing so many happy customers, I decided to take the plunge myself and start elevating my own outfit.

Not everyone chooses to keep an ongoing membership past the point of the events that they have going on, but I love having my shipments come in the mail. Choosing outfits in advance on the app for things I have coming up is so much fun.

Are good outfits easy to find?

I have gotten to rock outfits that I never would have been able to afford, and always have the perfect outfit for every occasion, especially photoshoots.

I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten complimented on my outfit since getting a membership. It’s addicting!!

the rent the runway membership service reviews with rtr
what is rtr and rent the runway?
marie forleo b school review from a photographer

Rent The Runway Memberships

Having a rent-the-runway membership is simply a more affordable option over buying new outfits for events or photoshoots. You could spend 100s on the right outfit (that you only wear once), or get a monthly membership for tons outfits that you can swap out for more.

If you’re interested in checking out Rent the Runway, I’ve got a Rent the Runway promo code that you can use for two months discounted. Check out the coupon code here.

Here’s What You Get With Your Membership:

Fast Shipping

One of my favorite things about Rent the Runway is actually their super fast shipping. No joke. I guess with the pandemic, I got really used to shipping being slower. Somehow that’s not the case with theirs.

I add something to my order and it’s at my house in no more than two days. Feels like magic.

Cleaning And Rental Coverage

I don’t know about you, but the thought of ruining a $2000 dress stresses me out! I have two small children and sometimes despite my best efforts something gets dirty. Fortunately they have an amazing cleaning process that allows you to just send back whatever you’ve worn and everything gets steam cleaned as part of your membership.

You also get rental coverage as part of your membership so you don’t have to sweat it. Phew!

An example of their outfits

A Seamless Rental Process

The process of renting clothing from Rent the Runway couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s truly so much fun.

They have an app you can download on your phone, or you can acccess it through the computer to add your favorite outfits to different categories like, “Nashville Trip, or Summer Clothes” like I do. Then when you’re ready for a swap, you just go add your favorites.

Read the reviews

You get to read tons of reviews for each outfit and see the clothing that will fit you best.

Once you hit send your outfits get shipped out, and when you’re done wearing them, you can request your next shipment and head to a UPS or Post Office to drop off your used (unwashed) clothing. Then you get your new shipment in the mail. So easy.

Bottom line, Is Rent the Runway membership worth it?

Heck yes, it is! If you want to have a more varied wardrobe, or need to get dressed up for an event. The price of buying new clothing can be very expensive, particularly in the case of high-quality items and Rent the Runway is the perfect solution.  

Rented Outfit and Dress Inspiration

dress up for a wedding with rent the runway dresses
Find the perfect dress at rent the runway
send it back after you've worn it in your reusable garment bag
Find the perfect dress at rent the runway
Find the perfect dress at rent the runway
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