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How would it feel to show up to your next photoshoot knowing you don’t have to wing it, but that you have a shot list in mind that gives you the confidence to create without thinking about it.

This shot list will help you to plan in advance and feel prepared when you arrive knowing you're getting the exact shots you need for your business.

Download the shot list so that you can feel confident. You got this!


    The FREE Personal Branding Shot List

    Straight up, here’s the truth about shooting for personal brands or businesses.


    There are way too many people who are trying to do keep shooting like they always have with portraits and headshots.

    I hate to break it to you, but it’s not that easy. 

    If your goal is to work with businesses and personal brands, you need to make sure you’re capturing exactly what they need from their shoot..

    If you keep walking into a personal brand session like it’s a simple headshot, those clients are likely not going to be coming back to you for another shoot 3 months from now.  They will be looking for someone else who can really help them market their business with images.

    I’ve created something that will help you see exactly how to capture all the variety these businesses are paying you for.

    But it hasn’t just worked for me… others have had incredible results too. 

    I used your shot list for months now to help organize every branding shoot I have with my clients. It's been great tool and checklist to make sure we get the shots they need every time. ”

    - Janelle

    “I just signed up for your newsletter and downloaded the shot lit. It is so awesome!! I have some photoshoots coming up and I’m so excited about having this as I plan!!”

    - Julia

    It doesn’t need to be as difficult as you may think! I know I know, thank goodness! 

    When you download the shot list, you’ll learn how to shoot for variety quickly, and without having to re-pose your clients over and over..

    Here’s how it breaks down:

    • Get the flow of shots I use to capture hundreds of images at each shoot.
    • See how you can optimize your time so that you can shoot more and pose less
    • Take the guess work out of what to shoot at your next branding session
    Get the Shot List

    ALL for the very low price of.... nothin’! I absolutely believe you deserve this information, that’s why I’m giving it away for FREE. 

    You don’t just want give your personal brand clients a regular ol headshot. You want to wow them with an entire library full of content! And I GET that, who doesn’t?!

    You can go ahead and stop wondering how to shoot and pose for personal branding, I’m going to show you how you get tons of variety from your next shoots,  so you can walk into each shoot with confidence knowing you’re going to nail it!

    Grab a copy of my free shot list today!