shot list

Personal Branding Photography Shot List

This shot list was designed for photographers

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How would it feel to show up to your next photoshoot knowing you don’t have to wing it, but that you have a shot list in mind that gives you the confidence to create without thinking about it. As a creative you should be looking for the best light, and the best composition, not worrying about how you’re going to pose every moment.

Once you have this method down, you will feel like a natural from start to finish. This isn’t just another list, it’s a method that will help you create tons of incredible images every time your client changes outfits.

Posing your clients like a model isn’t going to work for personal branding. Businesses don’t want to look like that. They want variety and options so that they can market their business for months.

This shot list will give you the peace of mind you need next time you pick up that camera. You can get multiple shots from a single location/outfit/prop/pose if you know how to flow from one image to the next.

Download the shot list so that you can feel confident. You got this!