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Tamara Testimonial

I had been feeling a little down and very anxious about my last set of headshots because my agents weren’t all that wild about them. I needed some photos that captured my essence. I had faith that Jess was the photographer for me… My instincts felt so strongly about working with her!

I felt like I’d made a friend the moment I stepped into Jess’ studio! She’s one of those women that you just feel at home with! She’s not judging you – she’s celebrating you! What was so incredible is that I could feel that connection as soon as she started shooting. We just vibed! What I was sending out, Jess was receiving, and vice versa. There was no ego, just a celebration of the beauty of self. And once Jess and I sat down to see the photos a few days later… I was blown away!! I couldn’t believe she took such beautiful photos of me!! As a woman who helps other women look and feel their very best, I had found a photographer to collaborate with to celebrate my own inner radiance more than ever!! I’m still a little blown away!

I used to say I wasn’t all that photogenic, not any more! I’m celebrating my own luminance, thanks to Jess’ amazing intuitive eye. What a healing photo session!!

Take the leap! Take a deep breath and let her take care of you. Jess is a woman who is beautiful inside and out, and she captures that radiance and magic we all have within us with every click of her camera. She’s a sister to all of us and she wants us each to glow, grow, and succeed with whatever we set out to do. She’s not only a photographer, but she’s a health practitioner via camera and natural light energy! We are all magnificent… Let’s celebrate!!

Tamara Bailey

Acupunturist, Skin Care Line, Actress

My biggest challenge was not seeing myself how others see me. The photoshoot has really put some light into that for me and allowed me to see the beauty in myself along with the strength and happiness. It’s showed me how far I have come as well as that I AM photogenic. I was nervous at first and wanted to back out. I saw myself as just another person on Instagram and that was it. Nothing more than that.

My confidence changed after the photoshoot. I stop thinking about what people think of me and just be me. I am the only person that can hold myself back from opportunities.

Jess you are an amazing photographer and you change the world through your lens of how you see people. That is an amazing gift that God has truly blessed you with and I am so grateful to be apart of it! You have opened a new door for me of opportunity and words cannot express enough how thankful I am for that!

Be open-minded and not allow fear to stop you from doing a shoot. Whatever your mind is telling you, ignore it and go for it. You may be surprised by seeing yourself in that light.


Fitness and Health Influencer

Jess had me cracking up the whole time! We talked about life, shared funny stories, it was like hanging out with an old friend. She even has a fantastic game that I refer to as “Jess Says”. Much like Simon Says, she let me know where to put my hands, how to turn when to smile, when to give the smile a rest, and when to smooth out my hair. Basically, thanks to her meticulous effort and eye for detail, that 1% that I couldn’t stop focusing, well, it never happened.

I loved every single proof. I have gotten so many compliments on my photos and I love the images! The experience with Jess was so easy. Booking was easy, the photo session was easy, receiving the images was also easy. The studio was calm and relaxing, that’s huge since a chaotic studio can really set the stage for the kind of energy you’re going to carry in front of the camera.

Just do it! I had a pretty clear vision of what I didn’t want. I shared that with Jess. I also mentioned that I couldn’t tell her what I actually did want since I’m not that creative. I knew I didn’t want to wear a blazer and cross my arms in front of my body. I wanted something fresh that said fresh and approachable and that is exactly what Jess helped me accomplish!

Jamie Bagnall

Real Estate Agent

Jess captured me. I think the photos represent who I am and she convinced me to trust her and just smile. It worked! Take the plunge. This is really lifestyle photography, not a headshot/ mugshot.

I did not feel the pressure to conform to a rigid and uncomfortable picture but instead to just relax and be myself so Jess could work her magic. She is intuitive and will bring out your inner self.

I wish I had done this years ago.

Kristen Winkler

Real Estate Agent

Prior to my photoshoot with Jess and The Art of Her, I never felt like my photographs conveyed my spark and personality. I felt frustrated that my photos didn’t show my vivacious nature. After the photoshoot, I received amazing feedback.

The photos became the professional photos for my social media and one even made the book cover for my book with Jack Canfield! The Art of Her photographs were a real turning point for my business.

Jess’ photos helped me go from unknown sleepy private practice coach to author and thought leader with a national media presence. What are you waiting for?!? 😉

Nancy Hamilton

Author, Thought Leader

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