Wilhelmina Denver Actress Jenna Reimonenq’s Professional Headshots

Wilhelmina Denver Actress Jenna Reimonenq Professional Headshots

I recently had the pleasure to work with the stunning Denver actress Jenna Reimonenq for her professional headshots at Mount Falcon.  There is something very special about Jenna and it is something you can see as soon as you set eyes on her.  She has something visually heart-achingly beautiful and strong about her all at once. In front of the camera, she was able to switch from a genuine – all the way to the eyes smile – to the more focused emotive gaze.  That sort of emotional and visual flexibility is what I can only imagine makes someone like Jenna a great actress and sets her apart.

We made it up to the mountains and were met with a very overcast cloudy day which can actually be really beautiful and flattering in portraits and professional headshots. It was pretty cold and windy out there, but this little lady is a champ and didn’t say one negative word the whole time.

In Jenna’s Words:

“Hi there! I’m a New Orleans native, turned Denver resident. Most importantly though, I’m an actress!

I moved here (by force) after Hurricane Katrina hit and for a while I was in extreme culture shock. I didn’t really fit in with anyone and no one really understood me when i spoke in weird half broken French-half English slang.

I was also forced to take drama in high school because the subject I was taking in Louisiana wasn’t offered (ugh). BUT! it was there in that theater where I found my voice and my passion. My acting coach was a wonderful lady who made me feel (for the first time) very welcomed! And, she was the first person to enlighten me about my acting talent. From that moment on, I saw Denver with brand new eyes. I had found my people!”

What was your inspiration for this shoot?:

 This might sound a little strange, but my inspiration for my shoot was me. Hopefully that doesn’t sound as conceited as I felt typing it ha! What I mean to say is, I had done other shoots in the past with talented photographers, but I never felt like I looked like myself in the final product. I’m 24 and for some reason in my shoots i’d either end up looking 15 or 35. Once I showed up to a session and the photographer had a makeup artist waiting for me. Which would have been fine if she didn’t add extensions to my hair and fake eyelashes and HEAVY lipstick. By the time she finished with me I looked about ten years older.

It was really important to me to look like myself in my shoot. I wouldn’t want to show up to an audition and the client be very confused as to who I was. (it’s happened) It doesn’t look very good on me, or the people representing me. My inspriation for my session with Jess was really just to look and feel natural. The location of our shoot definitely helped with that.

What, specifically, was your favorite part of the shoot, and why?:

My favorite part of shooting with Jess was probably when we shot in one particular area where there was really tall dried grass. I always think shots like that are very soft and feminine for some reason. Also, I really just loved the chemistry overall between Jess and I. It was really great to have some solid direction while shooting.

Is there anything else you would like to share?:

Jess is a wonderful photographer and I had a blast! I easily forgot about the cold and the rain, I didn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. I would totally shoot with her again in a heartbeat!

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