What is Personal Branding Photography

What is personal branding photography?

What is personal branding photography?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn about personal branding photography? Let’s break down what this type of photo shoot is for.

What does a personal brand mean?

First let’s start by talking about a brand and a personal brand. In either case, it’s a feeling, thought or idea associated with a subject or object. In the case of a personal brand, that subject is a person.

How does a brand make you feel? What feelings come up for you when you think of a brand you love? How do you feel when you walk into Target? When you stand in line at Starbucks, or get that new purse from your favorite designer? Each of these brands works hard to make you feel a certain way.

Your personal brand can be the same. Entrepreneurs like Joanna Gaines, or even Oprah leave you feeling something. That’s because they are a person, and a brand.

Why is a personal brand important?

Taking ownership of your personal brand is important in this age of social media because you’ve created your own personal brand whether you know it or not. It’s likely that many people have taken the time to search for you online before any contact takes place. How do you show up?

A personal brand allows you to humanize a business you own, and start marketing using your greatest asset. Yourself.

You want people to remember who you are and what you do when they decide they need what you’ve got. You want them to say, “I know a girl,” and choose to invest with you instead of a competitor.

If you’ve taken the time to create an online presence for yourself, and put your services and product out there, through stories and high quality content, people will remember you and choose you over another business. If they know, like and trust you, you are more likely to be contacted by your ideal clients.

What is so special about personal branding photography?

Personal brand photography is a simple way to create content for your personal brand. It’s a way to give you content that you can post on social media. Each personal branding photography session should bring your personality and message to life.

If you’re still wanting to learn more about personal branding photography? check out my portfolio.