How to Rock Your Photography Sales Calls

When you’re running a photography business, there’s something preeetttty important to have: and that’s having things to photograph, right?! 

More importantly, it’s having things that you’re getting paid to photograph.

Whether you’re shooting portraits or weddings or a venue or a brand’s product or something totally different, consistently booking shoots and clients is a key part of turning a photography hobby into a photography business. 

And, guess what that means? It means that you have to get on sales calls, you have to rock sales calls, and you have to convert clients into paying customers on the sales calls.

It’s that simple. 

But, I’ll can be honest with you — no photographer loves getting on sales calls (no service provider does)! After all, we want to book clients to HELP them more than anything. Those things we do and the shoots we capture are our passion… but they also happen to make us money. Managing that can be a really tough balance to strike, especially when you don’t want to feel pushy or salesy.

  1. Get. It. And, I’ve felt that exact pain point over and over again — especially when I was earlier on in my business and felt pressure to bring clients into my calendar. However, I’ve learned exactly how to rock photography sales calls in a way that makes my potential clients feel empowered and excited, a way that almost always gets me bookings, and a way that makes us both feel good.

So, if you’re a photographer trying to optimize your sales calls, I’ve got you.

First up, here’s the secret to rocking your photography sales calls…

I talk about mindset a lot over here, and for good reason — because I think that mindset is actually, really and truly, the most important part of running a business that’s actually sustainable. And I also think — heck, I know — that there is absolutely no way you can effectively rock sales calls if you’re not confident in your offerings, in your abilities, and in your worth. 

No way.

Now I’m a human and a creative, too — and I know that confidence can be really difficult to cultivate, especially when you’re in a business of service to others. However, I also know that you’re in the business you’re supposed to be in… and believing that is absolutely essential when convincing clients that you’re their person.

My go-to photography sales call tips

Like most things in business, I really do think that photography sales calls come down to strategy from the jump — and when you can get clear on that strategy, you’ll be successful more often than not! Here are the photography sales call tips I stick to on my own to rock ‘em so that you can rock yours, too!

photography sales calls
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First up, take control of the timeline: A lot of photographers (especially newbie photographers) tend to mess up sales calls when they don’t take control from the jump — so here’s your reminder! You’re the one getting them on the phone, and you’re the one they want to work with… so, take initiative to lead the call! I always tell clients from the beginning of the call how the call will go, and I’d recommend this to instantly set yourself up as a guide and build immediate trust!

Here’s an example: “Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me.  I wanted to ask you some questions about your business to find out what you’re looking for and how I can help you.  Then I’ll jump into my process and pricing! Feel free to jump in with questions at any time.” 

When you can do this, they’ll know what’s coming and understand the questions you’re asking in the first place. Plus, you’ll show them that you’re already working with a tried-and-true process! 

Next, focus on listening more than anything else. While you want to share your services and encourage someone to book with you, it’s also incredibly important that you don’t manhandle the entire conversation — because people will not book with you (even if they had really wanted to!) if you’re not taking the time to hear their unique situations. Even if you know you can help the potential client you’re talking to, it’s really important for them to be heard before you start offering solutions. When they feel heard, you’re much more likely to build that trust and start creating that relationship.

 Then, when you’re on the call, tie the values and the desires they discussed back into the ways you can help them! This allows you to share what you do while still highlighting what you know they really care about. For example, say your potential client says they tend to feel awkward in shoots — make sure you talk about how you coach your clients through poses! If your potential client wants to market exclusively on Instagram, make sure you talk about different clothing and posing variations that you can offer to extend the usability of your session. It’s simple, really — listen, listen, and thoughtfully reflect. It works.

 And then, be genuinely excited for them. Always. Booking a photographer is an incredibly vulnerable thing for your ideal clients. Whether they’re hiring you to take their personal branding photos or to shoot their wedding, you’re being invited into something unique and personal to them, always. When you can genuinely share in your excitement, it’s so much easier for those potential clients to feel like you’re on their team, every time! Plus, they won’t feel judged when they tell you things like “I’m hoping to show up online as the top expert for speech therapy education” or “This is the love of my life and I want these photos to reflect that” — they’ll feel seen, and that matters so much.


More than anything, it’s important to remember and realize that your photography sales call is a lot more than just… a sales call. Instead, it’s getting clarity on what you’re being asked to create, on what your client values, and what you can truly bring to the table. When you can approach your photography sales calls from this angle, you can rock them.

 I promise.

You’ve got this. And if you’re looking to grow your personal branding photography business, you’re in the right place. Join me in Personal Branding Breakthrough and I’ll teach you, genuinely, everything I know about growing a successful photography business that gets you clients, bookings, and income.