portraits – The very talented Candice Benjamin Moore

Portraits for Candice

I never would have thought that I would be hanging out on a mountain, having my photo taken by Candice Benjamin Moore.  I first saw her pretty face on my computer screen years ago when I was watching my first live episode of Creative Live with Jasmine Star.  Candice was in the live audience and I watched hours of her interacting with Jasmine from states away.

Candice has relocated from Southern California to Fort Collins, Colorado, and she is using her incredible talent to photograph couples in front of the beautiful mountainous backdrops.  After a super fun photoshoot with my darling fiancé, Candice let me turn the camera around on her for a few moments to capture this lovely headshot at Mount Falcon.

If you are looking for a fantastic wedding photographer, take a look at her website here. She made us feel so comfortable during our shoot, and you can tell she has a real passion for her craft.

Thanks again, Candice!

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