52 Social Media Content Ideas for Photographers in 2024

Ah, social media… kinda the best and worst thing — all at once (especially when it comes to marketing for photographers). While scrolling through TikTok and Instagram is entertaining and fun, it’s also pretty dang overwhelming to think about adding your *own* social media presence to the algorithm and to your to-do list.

Hello, I get it. Like, I really get it. 

On one hand, I know that marketing via social media is super important (especially as a photographer). However, on the other hand, it’s easy to let social media fall waaaaay by the wayside when it comes to everything else you have to do.

Like, you know… run a business.

You know I’ve got you, though. Here’s why social media should be part of your marketing strategy as a photographer, and how to actually show up on Instagram without wanting to hide behind your hands.

How I approach social media as a photographer

Here’s the thing: social media marketing is a pretty important part of the job as a photographer. Likely, a lot of your clients are on social media (I mean, hello — stats show that there are 4.55 billion active social media users), and marketing to them directly via their favorite platforms can be hugely beneficial.

But, I’m also a big believer that you do not have to show up all the time on every platform to be a great photographer. Instead, I think that you can choose 1 or 2 (I’d recommend Instagram, since it’s such a visual, community-focused app), and approach it intentionally. I also know from experience that social media marketing tends to go hand in hand with straight-up avoidance paralysis, especially if you feel like you don’t have anything exciting to share.

(I’ve been there. Many times, in fact.)

So, here’s the key: building up an arsenal of ideas, of course

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    52 Ideas for Your Photographer Social Media in 2024

    Enter: all the ideas you need, for alllllll of 2024, because I’ve been in your shoes — and sometimes I need a little help, too. I’ve put together 52 ideas and prompts for you to try out on social, especially on IG, for the rest of the year. Some of these will stretch your creativity, some of them will be a quick tweak or action to take, and some of these are just plain fun — so, go for it! You’ve got this.

    1. Screen record your editing process via Lightroom or Photoshop, and show the before, the after, and the in between!
    2. What’s your origin story?! Tell your followers how (and why) you got started as a photographer.
    3. Share the ins and outs of the equipment you carry in your camera bag! What lens do you swear by? Is there a camera body you love?
    4. Write a letter to your younger self as a photographer, and share some advice you’ve learned as you’ve built your biz.
    5. Follow the Reels and TikTok trends, and utilize trending audio and hashtags to make video content that miiiiight just go viral.
    6. Share your all-time favorite photos you’ve ever taken, as well as the stories behind ‘em.
    7. Turn your testimonials into graphics or captions, and showcase why people want to work with you.
    8. Create a page on your website for important links to live, and drop it in your social media bios for easy access.
    9. Try out longer form content, and vlog a day in your life as a photographer.
    10. Create a FAQ series where you answer commonly asked questions about your services or offerings on social.
    11. Record a time lapse of a session with you for an inside look into what your process is!
    12. Try out fun edits — like film, grain, etc. — and stretch your creative abilities to post.
    13. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on a shoot? Share it in an engaging post to remind everyone that things happen.

    Want to read the other 39?



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    Now you can approach social media with a little less stress and a lot more action.. Which makes things a heck of a lot easier, if you ask me. However, I know that it can still seem like a lot (oof), so make it easy on yourself. Instead of feeling like you need to implement a crazy strategy out of nowhere, lean into it slowly! Try out one post a week, test out scheduling apps, and consider outsourcing it, too. 

    While social media can be hugely helpful to grow your business, it’s not as important as you — so remember that. And, if you’re ready to unlock some serious marketing firepower without the overwhelm, come join us in Personal Branding Breakthrough! Inside the course, we’re touching on absolutely everything you need to know about starting a personal branding photography business — including marketing that feels good (and a ton of resources to help).

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