3 Business Intentions to Make in 2024

3 Business Intentions to Make in 2024

Ahh, ~New Year’s resolutions~ are everywhere lately, huh?

And, lemme tell ya… I’m actually not the biggest fan of making resolutions, because I’ve spent lotsa time over the years making them and then, well, breaking them.

(Ya know, ones I was certainly never going to reach, like going cold turkey to 1 cup of coffee a day or only watching one episode of TV a week for a year. It’s a no from me.)

Anyone else?!

But, at the same time, I see a lot of value in setting intentions. 

I especially see the value in setting intentions when they’re for something tangible, like your business. Plus, sometimes you need a little push — and a new year is a push in itself to take advantage of a fresh start and a clear calendar.

Wondering why to set intentions for your business?

Business is one of those things that can quickly get away from you, you know? It’s like one day you wake up and realize you’re overwhelmed, unorganized, and unsure of what direction you even want to go into in the first place. It’s why setting intentions is so incredibly important — because it gives you a roadmap to follow and touchpoints to come back to, even in the midst of overwhelm. 

So, as you start to create your intentions for your business, I want you to think about the things you’d love to achieve in your business in the next year. Do you want to free up time? Do you want to scale? Do you want to launch something? Do you want to rest? Figure out what, exactly, you’re looking to do… and then set intentions to help you get there.

Here are a few business intentions to set:

1. Pay attention to your numbers.

Do you ever get to the end of a month (or a quarter, or even a year?) and realize that you aren’t even that aware of the money you’ve made and spent? I know I have — and implementing regular number check-ins has been a big deal for me. See, when you intentionally work to pay attention to your numbers — I’m talking everything from income to business expenses to even your personal spend — it’s so much easier to set goals and map out plans. 

There are a few ways you can do this, too. You can try out something like Quickbooks Self-Employed for DIY tracking software, you can test out manually tracking via a spreadsheet, or you can simply instill a daily, weekly, or monthly check-in! Just set an intention to pay attention.

(Hey, that rhymes! Makes it even easier to remember, huh?!)

2. Do at least one thing that feels scary.

None of us became entrepreneurs because we loved feeling comfortable … but a lot of us start to get comfortable once we do it anyway. It makes sense, you know? Entrepreneurship is so unstable in a lot of ways, and it’s easy to start clinging to the things that make it feel more solid. Here’s the thing, though: if we don’t keep pushing ourselves to try out new and different things, we won’t move forward. We won’t grow. We’ll get complacent — and that’s a heck of a lot worse than feeling a little scared.

So, this year, I want you try to do something scary — even if you’re, well, terrified to try. Launch something (I was scared to build and launch a course, but I did it and loved every second of it!), hire someone to come on and work with you, take a sabbatical, it doesn’t matter! Just. Try.

3. Invest in something for your business.

Investing in your business is one of those things that carries with it a lot of loaded emotions, right? On one side, you hope it will definitely pay off — and on the other side, you worry that it won’t pay off and you’ll have wasted valuable time and money on something that didn’t pan out.

Well, here’s the thing: you never know if you don’t try. And, I can tell you from personal experience that I’ve never, ever invested in something for it not to pay off. Ever. Every single course I’ve taken, shoot I’ve paid for, and person I’ve hired has helped me move the needle in other ways… even if the actual, well, paying for it hurt a little in the moment. This year, set an intention to invest in something that can help YOU move the needle. Maybe it’s taking a business course, maybe it’s joining a mastermind, maybe it’s getting brand photos done, maybe it’s working with someone to design a new website — whatever it is doesn’t matter.

As a business owner, I’m not sure that I would ever be able to list out all of the lessons that I’ve learned, whether they were the hard lessons or the easy ones. And, if you asked me today what lesson was most impactful, it would be this — to take a chance on myself, even when it felt hard. In fact, it’s to keep taking chances on myself, even when it still feels hard. This all comes down to intentions, and setting them has changed my business and my life.

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