The ULTIMATE Guide to Social Curator (2024)

The ULTIMATE Guide to Social Curator (2024)

Social curator


Have you ever decided to up your ante and start showing up for your business on social media only to realize that an entire 45 minutes has past you by and you’re still deciding on what picture to use or what to say in your post?

If you have you are certainly not alone. That’s the basis for Social Curator which is a much needed monthly membership designed to help people just like us to actually start showing up online.

What is social curator?


Social Curator has been known in many circles as a monthly subscription to images and copy for your Instagram account.

This subscription is typically used by business owners and influencers that want to spend less time obsessing over what to post, and more time showing up online for their audience.

BUT I have to say that it’s SO much more than just images and copy. This is really a one stop shop for all kinds of education around how to show up and sell for your business.

A little bit about myself and my history with Social Curator.

I originally fell in love with the creator or Social Creator about 13 years ago when I was learning how to run a photography business.  She is also a photographer and she had education for photographers through Creative Live.  She was amazing.  Not only was she incredible at creating gorgeous images, she was running the business like a boss and was teaching it in a way that was so accessible.

Fast forward to a couple years ago and my photography business had pivoted to a successful personal brand photography business when I found Jasmine all over again.  This time she was creating resources for other business owners, and in the same very brilliant way, making it digestible and educational.  

When she opened the doors to her subscription, you better believe I jumped at the chance to join, and I was not disappointed.  The subscription offered more than I could have expected and it has only gotten better as time has gone on.

As I mentioned, I am a photographer, and even for professional photographers, coming up with content for social media and online marketing can be really challenging.  I do shoot for businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to show up online as experts but it’s tough to know what to say and it’s tough to show up consistently. 

I often encourage my clients after our sessions to join Social Curator to help give them additional supplemental imagery to help them break up the portraits of themselves and uplift the entire aesthetic.

If you’re looking into joining Social Curator, I would love to give you some insight to help you make the best decision for your business. Full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Social Curator, and as someone that has been using this subscription and recommending it to clients for years, I couldn’t be happier to have the chance to align with Jasmine.

social curator social media marketing services and strategy
social curator marketing on social media using images for your community and company

The Subscription Includes:


As I said the Social Curator membership is so much more than JUST images and copywriting prompts. It’s an entire community and educational platform designed to help you make the most of your presence online. I’m going to break it down piece by piece, but you’ll find that once you are in the dashboard for her student, it all feels so user friendly and seamless.

As a personal branding photographer, I preach about having images of yourself so that you’re able to show up online, but I also believe that not every single image should be an image of you.

There is a strategy to this whole, showing up, thing that works best when paired with multiple avenues.

So what exactly is in the subscription? Read on.

create more content with social curator on your social media accounts and groups

You get to Show Up To Member Events

Social Curator has monthly events that you can attend alongside Jasmine Star to learn more about different relevant social media and marketing subject.  This is such an incredible added bonus to this subscription. These different events can also be hosted by professionals that have been selected as experts.  
She really goes to the top for these different events, and they are so helpful and educational.
get more engagement when marketing on social media using social curator

Download Captions & Photos


The ability to use high quality captions and photos is the bread and butter of Social Curator. This is typically the only reason that people need to sign up for a subscription, but fortunately, that’s not all that you get when you sign up.

These captions are designed strategically to be exactly what will pull more eyes and hearts into your business.  You have different tabs for topics like “behind the scenes,” “my why,” “personal insight,” “encouragement,” “About me,” etc.  

In addition to this, you can search for topics in your arsenal by using the search bar. This can be really helpful when you really want to talk about something like, “travel,” or “holidays” you can just type it in to find what you’re looking for.  Truly could not be any easier.

As time goes on, you accrue a larger library of captions.

So the biggest question that I had going into this subscription was whether or not I would be able to pass these captions off as my own, or if they would look just like everyone else that was using her subscription.  It was actually a fear I had, so I took it very seriously.  If you are feeling the same way, have no fear.  

These caption prompts often leave open the space to make it entirely your own, as well as completely mix it up using the prompts solely as inspiration!  Since starting, I have occasionally come across a business using the captions, and could only tell because I was REALLY paying attention.  BUT even though I noticed it, the captions I came up with from the prompt was entirely different, and entirely my own.  

manage your social media content when you sign up for the social curator community
social media curator needs social curator to build group content on instagram facebook linked in

Now for the images.  As a professional photographer, I am a TOTAL SNOB when it comes to detail shots, lighting, colors, and over aesthetic.  When I tell you that these images are absolutely gorgeous, I mean it.  Jasmine and her team are insanely talented. 

They have perfected the art of designing images that feel real, feel professional , and look stunning.

I will say that if you have an overly moody brand, you may not benefit as much from this subscription.  The images tend to lean on the bright and airy side that is a great compliment for most businesses.

I’ll Show You How It Works


Here is an example of what I have done in the past with my own Social Curator membership. I have used these images for PDFs, I’ve used them for my course slides (that my students often tell me look so professional), and of course I’ve used them for social media.

You can see here an example of a a section on one of my sales page, a PDF with a social curator image, and my Planoly account with scheduled out posts using some of the images taken from my subscription. 

Look, I am a professional photographer, I know how to create my own images, and yet this still makes my life SO much easier.  I have exactly what I need when I need it.  There is always something that fits.

I am constantly creating with Canva, for my photography students, my clients, I run ads on Facebook and Instagram and having a resource library to pull from has been everything.

Improve your social media presence as part of the curators community on instagram facebook and linkedin with Jasmine star
social curator is a social media marketing company with a social marketing content strategy for your business with Jasmine Star
Jasmine Star and social curator

Join The Facebook Group


Now if you’re the type of person that loves motivation and having a community to ask questions, than this is just the cherry on top. You get access to a very motivating and thriving Facebook Group along with your subscription.

They have events planned, challenges, and reminders that motivate you to keep improving and getting better with your presence online.  Not only will you be surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs, you’ll be around people with compassion and lots of kind words.

So get ready to feel the love with this community.  You will always get a response when you ask for feedback.  It’s a wonderful resource.

Jasmine Star social curator review

Complete The Workbooks


This is the part that I wasn’t expecting when I signed up for Social Curator, and that was the relevant and extremely helpful workbooks that come out each month to show you how to use different platforms like Youtube, or LinkedIn as well as teaching you to dive deep with Reels or even launching in your business.

The thing I love most about these workbooks is that they are not just educational, they take it many steps further by giving you the exact action steps you need to take to put it into place in your business.  If you solely focus on doing the daily tasks that they assign you in your dashboard and implementing these workbooks, you will thrive in your business!

Jasmine Star and The Facebook Group

Can Your Business Make Sales On Social Media?


Now, there’s a reason why you’re still here, you, like me, want to run a successful business and to run a successful business, that means that you need to be able to make sales and build authority on social media.

Marketing online can feel so overwhelming. It’s probably not what inspired you to get into your business and it can be scary to get started.  If you want to not only cover your bases, but start showing up like a total boss online, then do yourself a favor and join Social Curator. 

If you join using my affiliate links you can get a $15 off when you join monthly and $50 off when you join for the year. So make sure that if you’re signing up, that you click this link for your discount!

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