4 Best Marketing Tips in 2024

4 Best Marketing Tips in 2024

So, let’s be real: being an entrepreneur has got to be the world’s most rewarding career… ever. But, at the same time, being an entrepreneur comes with a lot to do allllll the time. You have to stay up-to-date on everything from your email inboxes to your offer suite, you’re always trying out new things, and it seems like every single week you have some sort of fire to put out.

I get it.

Then, you add in marketing to the mix… which makes a lot of entrepreneurs freak out. After all, most of us didn’t get into entrepreneurship because we loved marketing (unless that’s, well… what we do). Really, most of us got into entrepreneurship because we love the game. The results. The big-picture.

I get that, too.

But, at the same time, marketing is arguably the most important piece of growing a business. Whether it’s traditional marketing or something more experiential, the way you market yourself is a key indicator of how you’re going to move forward and keep evolving… no matter how hard it might seem or how out of your comfort zone it is.

So, here’s the fancy-schmancy secret: keep it simple. Instead of getting in the weeds of data and output and everything in between, take the stress out and make it fun. You know I’ve got you covered!

Marketing isn’t supposed to feel like being dropped in a foreign country with no phone or wallet.

I’m absolutely convinced that the biggest issue people have with marketing is making it seem more complicated than it has to be from the jump. Now, I totally get that some marketing *is* complicated, but I am a firm believer that most of it absolutely does not have to be. See, marketing is really supposed to feel pretty dang organic. It’s supposed to be an extension of your brand, it’s supposed to make you really excited, and it’s supposed to grow your business.

That’s it.

It’s not supposed to make you feel like you’re drowning in data or paralyzed by imposter syndrome or any of the above. And, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to make you feel more excited about possibilities… not overwhelmed by them. You just have to approach it the right way!

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4 Best Marketing Tips in 2024

So, if you’re ready to approach marketing in a way that feels good instead of needlessly heavy, I’ve got you covered. Try out these 4 marketing tips for a marketing strategy that works, no complications needed.

Diversify your social media platforms.

It’s no secret that social media is a huge part of marketing in 2024. And, if you think social media *isn’t* an impactful place to market your business, think again. Here are some statistics from Hootsuite, a popular social media scheduling platform:

So, here’s my question to you: are you utilizing social media in the best way possible? If not, why not? By kicking up your social media presence and utilizing new platforms (try out TikTok or Geneva or even test the waters on IG Reels) you can boost your reach and organically market yourself, too. Try new things! It’s fun, I promise.

Show that face of yours.

So, I have to tell ya… showing faces in your marketing works. In fact, it’s science — a study shows that “photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments.” 

But, I also know from personal experience that showing your faces in marketing does feel a bit scary sometimes — after all, it’s super vulnerable. However, it also humanizes your brand, it makes people feel more connected to you, and it gives that brand of yours a face for people to remember. If you can challenge yourself to bring more of you into your marketing this year, you may just be surprised by the results.

Psst… the best way to do this is with some really incredible personal branding photos — and I have exactly what you need to plan the best shoot possible for you and your brand.

Focus on marketing that makes you feel good.

Now, here’s the truth: if you don’t like the marketing you’re trying out (or if you feel unsure about it), it reflects in your marketing… again and again. When you’re not feeling excited or authentic, you can’t pull through your strategy like you deserve. So, do some curation and ask yourself what about your marketing feels not-so-good and what about your marketing feels really good… And then do more of that.

It’s that simple.

Run some ads!

While the word “ad” might seem kinda scary (or unnecessary), it doesn’t have to be. In fact, running ads on social media can be an incredibly low-lift, high-reward method to try out in your marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have super robust targeting options, making it easy to run ads effectively. You don’t have to be a marketing guru or an ads specialist, either — you can just go for it and run with it! 

Craft some great copy, use some beautiful creative (like your new personal branding photos, *wink wink*), and start rolling out ads for your business! You can really invest minimal time and money and see a huge reward.

And, there you have it — 4 marketing tips for strategy that feels easy and results that feel dreamy. Trust me here with this, friends: if you can market your business in a simple, sustainable way, you’ll be amazed at how it all turns out.

You’ve got this — and, if you’re ready to step up your marketing with Denver or Dallas-area personal branding photos, you know I’ve got you covered. Let’s talk.

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