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Want guidance with your outfits?

You’re not alone. As a headshot and personal branding photographer working with women for the past 20 years, I have learned over time that the hardest part of getting your picture taken is finding the right outfits.  I’ve created guides and given recommendations, but I wanted to also give you a fail proof resource with actual buyable links that I will be updating over time for people who just want someone to tell them what works.

Listed below, you’ll see examples of some tried and true outfits that have worked for my clients time and time again.

I’ve bought some of these same outfits for my own images, and I know that they work!  It just depends on the styles you’re going for.

Ask yourself this question first:

One of the best ways to narrow it down, is to ask yourself a question.  Who are you creating these images for?  Is it your ideal client?  Is it your own company?  

Once you have that person in your mind, think about what outfit you’d wear to a first meeting with them, because that’s exactly what your image is doing for you.  It’s your first impression!  So look through the outfits listed below and see if any of them would work for the message you’re trying to communicate.

These outfits work for everyone, so you just need to decide what fits your message.

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Denver Photographer

The Black Blazer

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Why it works: The black blazer is a headshot classic.  If you are working for another business, or just want to come off as very professional, the black blazer is a great choice.

You have the added benefit that the black blazer is also very flattering and can create lines to make you look slimmer (if that’s your jam).

The blazer I have linked below is one of the more flattering and stylish blazers I have found out there.  It’s one thing to look corporate, it’s a totally different thing to look stodgy.  This blazer helps you to avoid that pitfall that can happen with some of the bulkier blazers out there.


You'll be in the door at 8:55 with a no-nonsense look in the Bla... [More]

White Blazer

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Why it works: The white blazer and jacket are so incredibly in right now.  There is something so classy and eye catching about wearing a white blazer in your headshots. 

It will help to keep the attention on you, and it makes a bit of a statement.  To me, it says professional and powerful with a personality.

Lulus | Suit and Score Ivory Double-Breast...

You'll always hit the bulls-eye when you step out in the Lulus Suit and Score Ivory Dou... [More]

The Turtleneck

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Why it works: The turtleneck is a really flattering look that also communicates that you are professional, but maybe also a little bit artistic.  

If you’re trying to get away from the blazer look, but still want to look professional, a turtleneck can be a very flattering option.

This turtleneck comes in every color and works well because it’s a lighter fabric, and has a very flattering shape unlike a lot of the bulkier turtlenecks. [More]

The Black Blouse

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Why it works: When in doubt, wear a black blouse.  A black blouse can fit into every profession.  It can be styled down or styled up, but it’s always a wonderful choice for every headshot.

So if you are on the fence and don’t know what you should wear, trust me here.  This is it!

This is a black blouse that you can get in short or long sleeves.  The ratings on here and examples that people show wearing it will put you at ease.  You can get it through Amazon Prime too if you are shopping last minute for your outfits. [More]

The Black Sleeveless Dress

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Why it works: The black sleeveless dress can be extremely flattering in headshots.  I would say that it works best if you are planning on getting an image that shows more than just your head and shoulders.

This black sleeveless dress is ultra flattering in photos.  The reason I like this one is that the v-neck is such a flattering shape for your neckline, and the fit and flare dress again give you a flattered figure in your images. [More]

The Black Dress (with Sleeves)

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Why it works: This is your little black dress that works for just about anything.  It works for CEOs, creatives, entrepreneurs, and even for actors getting their headshots.  

It shows that you’re stylish, professional and maybe a little sexy without it looking overtly sexy.

This black dress is such a classic.  You’ve got the flattering v-neck that actually isn’t as low cut as pictured here, and this dress has a TON of great reviews. [More]

The White Blouse

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Why it works: That red head right above this text is actually me!  For my own personal branding images, I chose to wear a white blouse just like the one listed below.  I find that the white is really unassuming, and a blouse can really fit in anywhere.  

I’ve used the images from this shoot all over my marketing and it really does work for all of my needs.  White is extremely flattering and it doesn’t pull the eye the way that black and bright colors do. 

If you don’t already own a white blouse, this is it!  You can style this shirt up or down with something like a pencil skirt, wearing it under a blazer, or pairing it with jeans for a more relaxed look. [More]

The Chambray Top

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Why it works: The chambray top is definitely more of a relaxed and casual look, but it is another classic that won’t be going out of style anytime soon.  The blue can be be really pretty with many different skin tones.

If you’re more of a creative entrepreneur, a course creator, a coach or someone in a more laid back position, the chambray top is great!

This chambray top has the more relaxed look that is so iconic.  In the more relaxed and casual industries, I would recommend unbuttoning some of the top buttons and rolling up the sleeves. [More]


Should you wear shapewear?

Really quickly, I want to talk about the power of shapewear.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am fully body positive, but I have seen women over many year of shooting decide not to go with a photo where there was a little overhang or slight bump.  

So, I’m going to give you a resource, and YOU can decide for yourself how you’d like to show your body.

The reason why shapewear is a great place to start is that cameras freeze moments in time.  

In real life, when you’re looking at a person, and they bend over or angle in a certain way…it feels natural and makes perfect sense, but when that same moment is frozen in time by a camera frame, it can look unflattering and make many women feel uncomfortable.

Now, there are many photographers out there that can photoshop lumps and bumps out of photos, but most photographers can’t or won’t.  So if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of your panty lines making an indention or anything else, then you may want to invest in some shapewear for the shoot.  

Why I wear shapewear in photos

For me, after having two 9 lb babies, shapewear makes me feel more comfortable on camera, because I’m not thinking about my postpartum belly or my love handles and I can focus on showing off my personality instead.  

It’s obvious in the photos when you’re in your head, instead of present with the photographer.

Forget About Spanx

You may have Spanx on hand, and if so, don’t feel like you need to go buy something new for your photos. BUT if you don’t have any, I want to introduce you to an even better alternative, and that’s Honeylove.  

I first heard of Honeylove from a client during a photoshoot who ranted and raved about how much better they are, and have since gotten my own.

To me, the most striking difference between Spanx and Honeylove is the flexible boning, that ensures your shapewear won’t be rolling down underneath your clothing. 

I’ve worn both, and there’s nothing worse than having to unroll your shapewear because it’s bunching up under your clothing.

It also has the added benefit that it adjusts your posture for the better, which looks great on camera.

So if you’re interested in adding shapewear to your session, here is a link to my favorite – the SuperPower Short I have personally tried and recommend for my clients to help them feel and look more comfortable on camera.

Depending on your outfit, they have lots of options that all work wonders.

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