How to Lock Down Your Personal Brand

There are few things I love more than a truly beautiful, strategic, and powerful personal brand. (I mean, hello… I *am* a personal branding photographer. It makes sense.) But, here’s why: when you can create a personal brand that’s really effective from the inside out, you set yourself apart and set yourself up for major success. There are a zillion personal brands out there — some of which are not-so-great — and when you can really lock yours down, you’ve made some freakin’ magic. And we love magic over here.
Wondering what I mean by locking down a personal brand?
In the world of personal brands, there are really two main categories: topsy-turvy, unsure personal brands… and locked down personal brands. Those topsy-turvy, unsure personal brands don’t really stand for anything, they don’t have a clear vision, and they don’t reflect the person at the helm. Those locked down personal brands, though? They have a clearly defined mission, vision, and values, and they reflect the person at the center. In turn, those locked down personal brands are considerably more effective… and they’re the exact kind of personal brand that you want to build.

3 Steps to Lock Down Your Personal Brand

The process of building that locked down personal brand isn’t hard if you have a little framework at your side. You know I’ve got you covered with my go-to 3 steps: finding clarity, investing in branding collateral like personal branding photos, and pulling it all through with consistency. 

1. Find Clarity

So much of creating a locked down personal brand comes down to finding true-blue clarity, from the clarity you have around your brand as a whole all the way to the clarity you have around the tinier details of your personal brand. I’m a big believer that finding clarity in your brand is actually simpler than you might think. In fact, it all comes down to making sure you can answer some important questions.

Here are a few questions to get you started — you’ll want to work through these super intentionally, taking the time to really research and understand your answers along the way:

  • Who, exactly, is your ideal client? How old are they, what do they like to do, where do they live?
  • What makes your brand/your offerings unique? What is it about your personal brand that you want to highlight for potential clients and customers?
  • What exactly are your offerings? Are they clearly defined? If not, how can you more clearly define them?
  • Why do you do what you do? What gets you out of bed in the morning to do it? How do you want to make a difference?

2. Invest in your photos.

While there’s nothing more important than the framework of a personal brand, I’d argue that the way you present your brand is almost just as important. Enter: personal branding photos, AKA your secret weapon for instilling confidence in your brand (and yourself), for creating a really professional reputation, and for getting you in front of the right audience.

Now, trust me here: I know that investing in your business can be scary, and I know that personal branding photos can be pricey. I get it. But, taking the jump to invest in a professional, strategic photoshoot does a few major things for your brand — it helps you market your business, it helps you solidify and extend your positioning, and helps you increase your engagement the whole way around.

It’s. The. Best.

3. Pull it through!

Now, there’s one really big secret to a successfully locked down personal brand — and that secret is *consistency.* See, even a topsy-turvy personal brand can have some really great elements — but a truly locked down one has consistently great elements. It’s absolutely essential that you remember how important that consistency is as you move on through your personal branding, from the messaging you use and the fonts you refer to all the way to the photo style you share and the values you underline.

And, more than anything, remember: you’ve. got. this. Locking down a personal brand is no small feat, and I’m already really freakin’ proud of you. If you’re in the Denver area and ready to level up your personal brand with photography from someone who really cares, you’re in the right place! I’m booking into next year, and would love to have you. Get in touch here.

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