Wondering if You Should Do *Only* Personal Branding?

Specializing in personal branding photography


If there’s one question I get more from my fellow photographers than anything else, it’s this:

“Do I need to specialize in personal branding, or do I just need to add it as an additional service?”

And, in a few ways, that’s kiiiiinda a loaded question… but, you know I’ve got you covered.

So, here’s the deal: do I think you need to completely and totally ditch everything you already have going in your business cold turkey to pursue personal branding photography? Do I think you need to drop all of your portrait clients, or your wedding clients, or your high school seniors to throw yourself into personal branding?


But, do I think that you need to separate it from your other services?

Absolutely, yes

Let’s chat.

Building separation between your offers is essential

If you’re ready to launch a new personal branding offer and you already have a successful business shooting other things (like portraits or weddings), I promise you don’t have to drop everything else and take all of your others off your website.

However, if you’re ready to really pursue personal branding, you don’t want it to sit on your website next to your senior photos offerings or your wedding photo services — because it makes you seem like a generic photographer who can do a little bit of everything.

And, here’s the truth: if someone thinks you can do a little bit of everything, they’re likely going to think that you’re not excellent at ONE thing — which is why you’ll want to separate your specializations and approach them differently.

When you can make personal branding a standalone service, you’re not confusing people or making them look at you in that generic way, which is why I recommend creating a new website for your personal branding services. Plus, creating a new website for just personal branding helps you to clarify your offerings and then build out your personal branding services as your business grows.

Win, win, win.

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So, no — you don’t have to stop everything else you’re doing! 

However, I do want you to ask yourself: “am I scared to shoot personal branding and only personal branding?” If you are, here’s your challenge: I want you to define your goals as a personal branding photographer, and then I want you to go to work building a website that truly, truly gets you there.

While you do it, keep shooting weddings! Keep photographing seniors! Heck, I even do some senior portraits now and then.

But trust yourself and this passion that you’ve developed — and do what you need to to keep developing it.

If you’re ready to start diving deep into personal branding photography — with ALL of my tips to lead you along the way — I have the perfect option for you  – Sign up for  The 5 Keys to a Thriving Personal Branding Photography Business, my free workshop, and let’s make some moves together.

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