5 Marketing Ideas You Should Try

So, here are two truths for you:

  1. Marketing can be the biggest needle pusher in your business if it’s done right.
  2. Marketing can feel the MOST overwhelming ever when you also have other things to do (and, like, you have other things to do).

My friends, I get it. I’m literally in the business of helping people market their businesses through personal branding, and I still find it hard to do myself! But, at the same time, I’ve seen the huge return that can come when I focus on marketing… and when my clients, students, and friends have, too.

So, if you’ve been feeling stuck or inspired by your marketing lately, I’ve got you! Challenge yourself to try something new (I have ideas below!) when it comes to your marketing, and have some fun with it.

You deserve it.


Let’s face it… marketing overwhelm is real.

Whenever I feel really, well… OVER IT marketing-wise, it’s almost always because I’m bored of what I’ve been doing — which is when I start trying to implement new and fun ideas in my business! See, we tend to get really caught up in the things we feel like we “should” be doing in our businesses — and, most of the time, those things end up feeling exhausting, stale, and boring.

So I’m of the mind that we should stop doing them — how about you?!

Plus, you guys know I can’t ever gatekeep anything (and I wouldn’t!), so I wanted to share the 5 (new!) ideas I’m planning on focusing on in the next few months, too:

5 Marketing Ideas You Should Try!

Try out video!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… but hear me out! Video can be one of the most impactful, engaging, and fun ways to market your business — and it does not have to include professionally-produced film-style content. Promise. Instead, just focus on more low-pressure versions of video like TikToks and Reels. 

You can also record short, snappy videos (think: a minute or less) that highlight everything from educational resources from you to testimonials from clients and customers. Just challenge yourself to show up, and watch your engagement fly. Seriously.

Leverage social media ads!

Social media is very likely where the bulk of your ideal customers and clients are coming from, which means that advertising *on* social can be a huge way to capture more leads and point more people towards your business. Plus, advertising on social media (especially when it comes to Facebook ads) leaves you with a ton of opportunity to segment your audience, target specific people, and reach a huge piece of your audience for way less than traditional advertising.

Unsure of where to start? Keep it simple with a few versions of copy and a few simple versions of ad creative (like images), and start testing. And, while social media ads can be great for brand awareness, they’re also extra helpful for product launches, courses, and freebies — so be creative and have fun!

Partner with a fellow entrepreneur or brand.

You know that Beatles song that says, “I get by with a little help from my friends”? Well, it’s so true — with entrepreneurship included! Simply joining forces with someone in your network can be such a good way to strengthen relationships and to market both of your businesses. Whether it’s designing a limited-time collaboration (like a graphic design + photography package) or even taking over each other’s Instagram accounts for the day, the options are limitless!

Pssst… this totally goes for things like referral programs and influencer marketing programs, too — on both sides. Become an affiliate for your favorite brands, highlight the people you love following, and consider building a referral/affiliate network for your own followers and clients! 


Level up your content strategy.

Content marketing can be an incredibly valuable tool in your overall strategy, but it can also get really boring if you’re not careful… and no one wants that, right?! So, if you’re feeling uninspired by your current content, give it a shake-up. Poll your audience, find out what they want to hear/read/learn, and start creating content that comes from that perspective and feels good and fun to you. 

This is also a really good opportunity to just shake things up. If you’ve been posting consistently on your IG feed, try out Stories. If you’ve been writing consistent blog posts, make sure you’re connecting them with an email newsletter. If you’ve been sharing graphics, change up the fonts and colors! When you can have fun and level up at the same time, you’ve unlocked the secret to good marketing.

Create a community aspect!

When you really think about it, you probably never want marketing that feels inauthentic or out of alignment with you and your values. Right?! Right. So, instead of embracing traditional marketing techniques, why not embrace the community around you instead? By building a community around your service or product (Facebook group, Geneva chat, etc.), you can create a genuine, authentic group of people who want to hear from you and help you grow. 

Okay, pals — there you have it: 5 marketing ideas to try out! I’ll be there with you, too, doing the same! And, if you’re in need of personal branding photography while you level up your marketing, you know where to find me.


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