Professional Headshots Denver

Every woman has a story tell. That’s why I’m here to visually capture your headshots and show the real you. I want to find the story of you, your brand and what you are trying to communicate with your audience. In our Denver headshot photography studio, we offer actor headshots, business headshots, corporate headshots, realtor headshots and personal branding photography for women. Through your headshots Denver photographer Art of Her will set you apart from your competition and create the perfect first impression. Wiki calls headshots the way to make a great impression by showing your personality.

Want to know what this would look like for you?

Whether you want a sophisticated portrait composed in your office or a playful series of outdoor images that celebrate a carefree lifestyle, I’ve got you.  I connect with women of all types — from new mamas wanting photographs to capture this time in their lives to successful business professionals wanting Linkedin headshots —  I am sure to capture the beauty that others see in you. As a Denver headshot photographer, I specialize in Denver corporate headshots, professional business headshots, and personal branding photography.

What to expect in your Denver Headshots

My goal is for your headshots to be something you are proud for other’s to see.  I want you to feel comfortable and confident during your session.  

When it comes to headshots photography, I am flexible and innovative. I turn basic headshots into beautiful photos you’re excited to share with people, friends, and family. I work with facial expressions, hand posing, and even hair placement so your portraits send the exact message you desire. Strong. Approachable. Driven.

I highly recommend that we get clear on your needs for your headshot session. What are you using these headshots for?  If you’re an actor, your pictures will be different from a realtor’s photoshoot. Whether these images are for your clients, or your company, I aim for the finished product to be something you are proud to use.

When we choose your headshot location, I take information about who you are and what you’re using the images for to find the perfect spot. From cityscapes to the majestic Colorado landscape, you can choose which background creates the best portrait photography experience for you. 

It’s not an easy task to step in front of the camera for your professional headshots.  Through the years, I have stepped in front of the camera many times, and know how vulnerable it can feel.  My solution to making this process easiest for you, is to plan everything you need to know during a planning call, and also to spend time coaching your every move.  I will let you know what to do with your hands, the positioning of your feet, and keep an eye out for hair, makeup and wardrobe.

During each session, I will make sure you look confident even if you are nervous at the beginning.  I am not expecting you to walk in like a model and know what to do during your professional headshots. I consider it to be my job as your headshot photographer to capture beautiful images of you that you are thrilled to use.  

You may be surprised to find out that most of my clients leave their photoshoot saying it was more fun than they ever expected.If you’d like to learn more on how to get great realtor headshots, check out our guide.

I want you to have photos that help you land the job every time we shoot. You can find reviews for us online before booking a session. 

If you are searching for something that is more than a headshot, I also offer on-location personal branding photography


Some Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips for your own headshot session.

I generally recommend that less is more when we are talking about your headshots. Aim for clothing that is solid in order to minimize the distractions that come with heavy patterns or prints. We aim to make sure that the images we create are all about your face, your eyes and your smile.

I ask that people aim to bring around three to four different outfits to their sessions, but we can decide what that looks like when we plan your unique session in our planning call.

Keep jewelry and makeup simple in your headshots unless you are trying to make a statement. I have recommendations for hair and makeup, but it is by no means essential for you to have someone else do it for you. It just depends on how much you’d like to take off your plate.

I would love to find out more about you and what you’re envisioning for your headshots session in Denver. Contact me, and I will cover my process and pricing with you to help you decide if we are a great fit!