Non-Profit Video PSA for Girls Inc of Metro Denver

Video PSA for Girls Inc of Metro Denver

Some people go searching for their soulmate at a bar, or apps online, but I am going to suggest a totally different approach that you may not have thought of. Volunteering for a non-profit.

That’s how I met my now husband. He still laughs about how I climbed up on a tall shipping container to get the perfect photo of his team working, then wouldn’t let him help me get down without a ladder. I am shy, you guys. I don’t let handsome men support all of my weight right off the bat. Buy me a coffee first, please. So I slinked off the edge of the enormous metal box and jumped down, hitting the ground with the full weight of a camera and lot of pride.

After years, a marriage and many photo and video projects with his non-profit, I realized that it is in my heart to lend my camera and time to helping bring awareness to incredible non-profits during my slower months.

This leads me to Girls Inc of Metro Denver. I am not sure there’s a non-profit out there that aligns more with the values of my business. They are all about empowering and educating girls, and their impact is incredibly powerful. I was able to film young girls just beginning in their programs to young women that had gone through it for years. You can see the strength these girls possess in every comment and choice they make. Strength that is instilled in them through intentional programming from Girls Inc.

Girls Inc of Metro Denver gives girls and young women the tools they need to open doors to their future. I am so proud to know the women working there, and to have contributed in some small way.

Our video follows a family of four girls attending Girls Inc of Metro Denver and details more of the work that they do.

If you are interested in learning more about Girls Inc or in donating to their incredible work you can check them out here:

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