Samantha Huettner | Attorney Personal Branding Photography

What does your company do? What do you do, specialize in or excel at? What makes your service or product special?


Huettner Law is a full service law firm offering practical, effective, and creative legal solutions for individuals, families, and small businesses. I invite clients to tell their stories and then work with them to create a customized plan that fits their legal needs. 

What’s your story? How did you get to where you are in business or how was your business started?


I started out clerking for a wonderful judge in my hometown, and then had excellent mentors at civil litigation firms in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and Noblesville. I decided to form Huettner Law so I could focus on and serve clients with legal needs that match my legal interests and offer high-quality legal services on a more personalized level.

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What impact are you trying to have with your business?


I want my client to feel like they can share their stories and legal needs and work with me to come up with a customized legal plan to address those needs. I try to avoid legal jargon because I want the law to be more accessible and less scary for my clients. 

What is the best piece of advice you’d give another woman in business?


Surround yourself with good mentors and take every opportunity to learn and train that comes your way.


My biggest challenge prior to my  photoshoot with Jess was having photos taken in which I looked natural. I felt like I needed to try hard to look natural in photos, which is counterproductive! Jess did a great job of making me feel relaxed, like she had a strong vision for my photos, and that she understood my brand. I love the way my photos turned out and have received many compliments on her work.

For those of us working in a professional service-based industry, like the law, clients often look us up on the internet before they decide whether to book an initial consultation. If you look confident and relatable in your photos, that helps drive business to your doorstep. Photos can be a great business marketing investment.

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