Why Client Questionnaires Are Key for Personal Brand Photographers

the importance of a personal brand photography questionnaire

As a photographer, a huge part of the job is showing up for your clients in any way you can. Getting photos taken is a personal thing, and it’s actually really, really hard for a lot of people — even once they’ve taken the step to book with you!

And while there are a ton of ways you can create a wonderful experience for your clients, one of the most impactful ways is also the simplest: client questionnaires.

See, making clients happy in service-based businesses (and photography in particular), can seem tricky — especially because you want to make sure you’re setting the right expectations and also meeting the expectations *of* your clients.

But, I don’t think that making your clients happy has to be as tricky as we sometimes make it. Instead, I think that there are ways we can make it pretty dang foolproof.

The best way to do it? Questions, questions, and more questions.

What is a client questionnaire?

A client questionnaire digs into the details behind an upcoming photoshoot, giving you — the photographer — the time and opportunity to create an experience that goes well for everyone. Whether you’re a personal branding photographer, a family photographer, a wedding photographer, or something in between, using a client questionnaire can help you to learn more about your client and then wow the heck out of them.

Plus, client questionnaires empower both of you to direct the shoot the right way — and they also open the line of communication before you’re ever even face-to-face. Here’s the thing: people love questionnaires because they work, and because they equip you with what you need to know. Photography isn’t any different! Client questionnaires aren’t just for photographers, either. Go ahead and think of how many times you’ve had to fill out questionnaires before services in your own life, and you’ll probably be surprised at them (think: doctor’s offices, car dealerships, facial appointments, etc. — so many).

personal brand photographer questionnaire

What to include in your client questionnaire

While you’ll definitely want to tailor your questionnaire to the specific photography industry you’re in, there are a few things you’ll always want to include. Here are some go-to’s for every client questionnaire:

  • What’s your goal for this photoshoot?

  • Are there any poses/asks that might make you feel uncomfortable when taking photos?

  • Why did you choose to have these photos taken?

  • Do you have any inspiration photos that you particularly love and want me to take a look at?

  • What do you like about similar photoshoots? How about dislike?

  • Are there any images or poses you want me to be 100% sure to capture during the shoot?

When building your client questionnaire, keep it simple, but make sure you leave free response opportunities for longer responses when they’re needed. In fact, this is why I love Google Forms for these — so easy to build out and then drop into my workflow and canned emails. These client questionnaires are such a great way to make your client feel comfortable, valued, and listened to… and that, my friend, is an irreplaceable value to you as a photographer.




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