4 Reasons You Need Personal Branding Photos

4 Reasons You Need Personal Branding Photos

There are a LOT of things that make up a really next-level small business, from your offer suite to your time management to your website to your communication skills — and they’re all pretty important.

However, I think that there are few things as important as branding in your business… personal branding, specifically.

See, the way you brand your business and yourself matters so much more than you might think. It shows people who you are, it gives them insight into your vibe, it provides an elevated experience, it sets you apart… I could go on and on and on.

(And, let’s be real… I’m going to!)

To put it clearly, there are tons of small businesses out there. In fact, there are well over 37 million in the United States alone, and that number grows each and every day, if not hour. Entrepreneurship has never been more popular, and that’s the coolest thing ever.

But it also means that we’re long past the days of slapping a scrappy logo on a free website template and hoping to build brand equity. Instead, it means that defining, strategizing, and pulling through a brand has never been more important — especially when it comes to growing a small business with you at the face. This all starts with how people perceive the face of your brand or business, which is where personal branding photos come into play.

The 411 on personal branding photos

Personal branding photos are the secret weapon to adding power and confidence to your business and to yourself. The right personal branding photographer starts with your goals, and then designs a shoot packed with strategy and intention to get you photos that actually speak to your needs. From headshots to personality photos to flatlays to stock-type pictures, personal branding photos give you an arsenal of marketing collateral that helps you define your brand, set yourself apart, and level up your experience as a business owner.

Basically, they’re the best — and I’m not saying that because I’m biased. Promise. 

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Here are 4 reasons why you NEED personal branding photos

I’m of the mind that you need personal branding photos — like, actually need them — to maximize your potential and elevate your brand as much as possible. From differentiating yourself and attracting clients to adding longevity and elevating your brand as a whole, here are my top 4 reasons why you need personal branding photos:

  • Differentiation in your brand: Most people don’t invest in professional branding photos for their business, instead relying on things like stock photos from the internet and old headshots that they reuse for LinkedIn. Now, don’t get me wrong — this isn’t always a bad thing, and for some people it really is okay. However, personal branding photos set you apart as an uber-professional, streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, strategic business owner, and that means that your brand is instantly differentiated as a strong, smart one that prioritizes the right things.
  • Targeting & attracting your dream clients: When you get professional branding photos done, you’re able to strategize everything from the mood you’re evoking to the people you’re reaching — and this is especially important as a solopreneur, regardless of whether you’re a product or service-based business. So, ask yourself: who are your dream clients (like your DREAM ones)? Who do they buy from, what things do they resonate with, and why would they want to come buy/book with you? Once you’re aware of the answers to those questions, you can show up for your ideal clients in that way through your photos… and that goes more than an extra mile. 
  • Boosting your brand’s longevity: Personal branding photos are the best possible way to continually refresh and rejuvenate your brand, and that adds to the longevity of your business unlike anything else can. By getting branding photos done every year or so, you can allow your business to evolve alongside you, you can present the vision that you’re constantly growing, and you can create a timeless, ever-tailored one, too.
  • Elevating the entire experience: When you log onto a website of a brand you’re considering or click onto social media to check out an entrepreneur you may want to book with, you’re asking for an experience — whether or not you think you are — and your ideal clients do the same. By investing in branding and personal branding photos, you instantly start to offer that experience… and it matters.

As a business owner and a brand builder, you have a lot to deal with — all the time (and then some). I totally understand, and I know that it can seem like a lot. However, I can promise: the simple act of getting personal brand photos taken can level up your brand in ways that you don’t even know.

Psst… want to know how to rock your next photoshoot? Check this out.

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